Well, hello!

Summer has arrived! No more school for the next two months. Nice, right? Maybe... Maybe not!

The problem with summer is that kids think that -as they are super free for the next months- everybody else is free as well. But you have to keep working and working.

When you open your eyes, time flew and it's 11 o'clock and you're exhausted. Your alarm is set to 4 am. Again. And you didn't spend quality time alone with your husband/wife.

It can happen constantly and when we realize it, we are all grumpy and desperate and needy.

If I don't share some nice quality time with my husband during the week... I turn into a freakingly annoying person. Trust me!

The past week we have thought that the weekend would be great to have fun and enjoy a nice road trip for Memorial Day... but stress took control of us and our lives and we ended up sad and chose to stay at home. To cheer us up, we made a little game and recorded it for our Youtube channel.

"You Or Me?" -That's the game.

The Rules are super simple!

  • Each one of us chose 10 questions. I didn't share mines with him and he did the same. The questions must be answered with ME/HIM or ME/HER.

  • If we were in disagreement with the answers, the punishment was to eat 2 Doritos Ruleta. BOTH! (We chose this because kids are at home and it was daylight). Feel free to change the Doritos for whatever you want. Tequila shots. Olives. Stinky cheese. Chili peppers...

  • If we both agreed, the both of us could have a shot of cold water. Or skip the water if desired.

In the end, all the questions must be answered! There's no winner or loser here. The purpose of the game is to have fun and see how honest you both are or how well you remember things about your relationship.

Some question ideas:

  1. Who said "I love you" first?

  2. Who gave the first kiss?

  3. Who chose the spot for the first encounter?

  4. Who drives better?

  5. Who makes the best coffee?

  6. Who drinks the beers like water?

  7. Who snores the worst?

  8. Who's the friendliest to people?

  9. Who's the easiest to talk to?

  10. Who gets more compliments outside the house?

  11. Who's the most dramatic?

  12. Who's the most stubborn?

  13. Who -generally- says "I'm sorry" first?

  14. Who's the one who saves the most?

  15. Who's the most sarcastic?

  16. Who was the first one to suggest sexy time?

  17. Who's the grumpiest?

  18. Who introduced their parents first?

  19. Who was the first to decide to move?

  20. Who is more romantic?

  21. Who always gives the biggest presents?

  22. Who never forgets special occasions?

  23. Who always knows when the other is angry?

  24. Who always says "I'm okay" even when they're not?

  25. Who's the kinkiest?

  26. Who's the smartest?

Wanna play? Please, do!

We had a blast! Not because of the spicy Doritos,... But we had so much fun! Of course, we will not always agree, but that's the point of life, isn't it?

Hope you have fun together!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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