x-rated Jenga (Really, so X!)

Weekend is coming and for me it sounds like date night! Yeah, baby! Date night! Party!

Why don't you two skip the night out and get into some sexy accion, outside the bed. This will be an extremely fun and sexy activity to do together. So hot someone is going to demolish the tower, intentionally.

Gather your materials (or sexy non-edible ingredients! if you please,) and take 5 minutes to write some sexy dares.

You'll only need:

A jenga (Well, maybe get two if your kids don't own one yet. Believe me, they'll fight for it, and so do you!)

A permanent market

That's all!

Write your sexy dares to just a half of the wood bricks. I drew red hearts on the ends of the wood pieces, but that's just me, a hopeless romantic! Just make them uniform!

The other half, you better leave them blank or the game will never end. Believe me, you won't use them all the first or the second time.

Warning: Please, make sure you keep your sexy toys -this sexy little thing included- locked away from your kids. There's no good way to answer if suddenly they have one of your naughty bricks and ask you: "Mommy, what is an orgasm?" or "What is horny?" while you are having some coffee! Imminent choke!

Don't forget to have fun! This game is a very special way to get to know your partner even better and to strengthen your bond, deepen your trust and also works as marvels to boost your self-acceptance by displaying your own vulnerability to your S.O.!

Are you waiting for something? Go get that Jenga and start writing... Now!

... Oh, you thought I forgot to give you a good list of naughty dares! You sexy evil creature! I'm not that cruel, you know! Let me help you start with this! Here are some examples you can use. Adapt them to your liking and add some of those naughty little things you've been waiting to do with the love of your life!

I dare you to fuck me in the nearest surface

Send me the dirtiest text

Send me a super sexy nude! Now!

You orgasm first!

Unhook bra/ take off undies with just one hand.

Make me horny without touching!

Kiss me anywhere, except the lips.

Lets buy a sex toy together. Now! Online.

Make a sexy pose.

I dare to keep the curtains open while fucking hard!

Masturbate to a picture of me stored in your phone.

Tie me to bed and do as you please!

I dare you to put on my underwear!

Rub your junk against me, without penetration.

Take pics of me going down on you!

Cover one body part in whipped cream and lick it off

Spank me as hard as you can!

Remove my underwear with your teeth!

Let's do a position we have never done before...

Give me a striptease with a sexy song.

Whisper naughty things in my ear.

Watch me undress without getting a hard on.

Take all your clothes and continue the game naked....

Well, I think that -by now- you got the idea. Just adjust those to your own precious perfect relationship and enjoy of your romance together!



Empowered Curvy

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