Winners announced!

The winners of my giveaway are out there!

I'm very happy to announce that the winners of my giveaway are been notified at this very moment. So, check your email (and the spam folder as well, just in case!) to see if you're one of my lucky winners!

Remember, the winners have till October 5 to claim their prize by replying to the winner's notification with the requested info.

I'm so in love with the INKED story! It's full of magic, emotions and a lot of strong teenage emotions. Right now, my 9 years old daughter is mad at me for the tragic outcome of one of the characters. She's kinda waiting for me to do some sort of powerful thing in this character's favor during the sequel.

That's one of the funny things about being a writer.

Meanwhile, I'm celebrating for you here at my awesome home office with coffee in hand and a piece of a delicious experiment I'm putting together to share with you pretty soon!

So, again, check your mailbox for a messag