A reminder of why I'm a feminist (Realistic satire from a very rude female)

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Sometimes we all need a reality check experience to remember why we are this own peculiar way. We receive male complaints about our distrust, lack of hope, opposition to the male complacency alone, and many other things.

Sometimes, we women need a reminder of what douchebags men can turn to be. F*** them! No man is needed to live a happy life, contrary to their belief.

They think of themselves as this indispensable piece of our maddening puzzle, and the only thing they get right is to turn us into a mad mess with their foolishness.

Men suck so much that they are there for us, but just by word. No action, no real effort, just the one required for their own survival. But words... they are gone with the wind. They are buried under a thousand other things in a men's brain. Forgotten as if it was an unimportant thing.

Have you seen a man taking out the trash religiously every afternoon without the need to be told to do so? I bet you haven't. The trash can be rotting right beside them and still they won't recognize the putrid smell.

Men act exactly like that in real life.

They just go around helping the trash bag of life get bigger and stinkier. But the trash and the stink is someone else's responsibility, never theirs. They work too hard already to have this extra little task! God forbid!

Men feed on our souls -like a freaking Harry Potter's dementor- leaving us empty inside.

Never feel you have a right to complain- women! Never think for just a second your feelings are really taken into account. It simply doesn't work that way. A man's brain is wired in a very creepy selfish way. A man's top priority is his own gratification, his pleasure and himself. When you decide to face his injustices, he may promise to do better. Yeah, he will. He'll do it better next time. Because there's always one next time. And they will do it even better -to hide it from you better, to hurt you harder even better. Not as better as you expected, because it was your mistake to misinterpret his words.

In a world full of misinterpretations, we women are the most likely to be always wrong.

Working hard on our own efforts, women have the endeavor to support her man, feed him, survive with a good mood the many humiliations coming from his folks, listen to all his work bullshit over and over again with a happy face -trying to conceal the fact that he has told the same story a few times this week, or that he's complaining of a hideous day at work and hours later he just say it was a nice normal day.

As women, is our sacred job to cheer up our husbands, to push them, help them. We are so fucked up that while it's our job to pick them up from their vices, addictions and their own dramas, they feel embarrassed just by people making questions about his woman's attempts to succeed, her work and her personal/professional growth. That's how freakingly damaged they are.

Men think they can change what they say, the exact words they pronounce. But, once said, cannot be undone. As calculating as they are, they say exactly what they think. The filter is activated when they already did their supreme shit -for which they are experts. Little kids, drunk people and a man who thinks he's happy (and doesn't feel his masculinity threatened) are the three personalities from which you'll hear their ugly truth. Dare to question their unfair words and you'll be the one misunderstanding everything because that's clearly NOT what he wanted to say.

We should practice that as well. Care a little less of how we say it, and just spit it out to see what happens. Probably that way we'll have less humiliated women and more men with their egos hurt, thinking before talking.

Let's say men and children are wired in a similar way. They both haven't developed the brain-mouth connection. They say what they think. And there's where men are to blame. Because the majority of the time, they don't think. Just act or talk. If consequences come... if someone felt hurt... they were misinterpreted. Easy! No problem, muchacho!

Sometimes we try to ignore a few things. It's said that looking at your man's relationship with his mom, you can see his general point of view of women. I'll say, go a little further. What's his father's perspective of women? What's his perspective of his own wife? What's his perspective of you? Probably that's where the infamous phrase "Like father, like son" comes from. Maybe you'll be lucky and your husband has nothing in common with them. But if you're unlucky enough, maybe in the future, you'll end up getting 50% of his parent's negativity towards women.

Men are the biggest hypocrites! Requesting and enjoying a very satisfying sex life, but feeling ashamed of the wife talking about it. Watching naked women online for their "own" purposes, but forbidding that his woman may share a slightly suggestive photo. Talking about how much he cares when the only support he gives is that of the words hidden in the four walls that are his home.

Men are either verbally despicable or despicable by actions. Let's say you gain some weight and feel self-conscious about your body and kind of depressed about your new body shape. Some men will either talk about those extra pounds or that they never "mentioned" it. Anyway, they'll prove to you how those pounds "affected" him. You'll see their extremely growing interest in watching more porn and hiding their webcam models obsessions. One way or another, men will show you who they really are.

Men hurt us with their actions and words. And deep inside they expect us to create an imaginary world where we are happy women treated like queens, venerated by respectful, faith in mind and body husband.

Men mistakenly believe that we look for their approval because we need it. No. We sometimes look for their OKAY to make their opinions feel validated, not because we need their permission. We want men to feel heard and respected, but that must not be confused with their expected obedience. What we want as women cannot be compromised for what men want from us.

Never ever dare to tell a man that you left everything for him. That's such an offense despite its veracity. You'll be cutting his balls and shoving them deep down his throat. He won't remain silent, even you're telling the truth. Such words won't mean you dared to leave everything behind because you trusted your life and future to him. Nope. That will only be seen as a reproachful claim.

Oh, they are our inspiration! That's for sure. They inspired Mexican poet Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz to write "Hombres necios que acusais" (Mulish men, you like to accuse) and she was a NUN! So, imagine the shock she should have received to write such a powerful poem in a time where women's words weren't heard. The man who gave her such inspiration was up to no good!

Men think of themselves as superheroes, but who's the real hero in fact? Who's carrying children while working... while serving her partner and home... while working on their personal goals? I haven't seen a single man doing it all.

Women aren't made to be subtle, but fragile as nuclear bombs. Men can think of themselves as the rulers of the world but, what's their world if women stop doing what men expect of them?

Have you seen a sick man? Run to make him a soup, put a timer for his pills, put the tv remote within his reach. You'll be saving his life.

But a sick woman? She'll be doing her goddam soup after finishing all the things waiting for her, like kids, family food, her own job. Or else she'll go to sleep hungry and sick. Nobody stays at home to take care of a sick woman. Her sick days are mostly used for the kid's sicknesses. When a woman is sick, she got nothing left but to work with a dying feeling and praying to get better or die soon.

Sometimes we need to clash against the same wall over and over to see that reality can be twisted but never changed. It can be approached with happy wishes and lots of determination, but still, the reality is one and will always be. Men suck. They can be good. They can be bad. But certainly, they will always make us suffer, make us cry in silence. They will always make us happy and later that same day regret giving him so much love.

See, men are jerks. We definitely don't need them to live a happy life. If we know this since birth, we will all be celibates. The human race would already be extinct. We don't need a man. Problem is... we want them. As hard as it sounds... we want them. Of course, we don't want the suffering, the hypocrisy, their thinking on their complacency alone, their exaggerated sense of self-importance, to think of themselves as the best thing that happened to us.

We, feminists, have been pointed out as inquisitors of the male sex. Witches with torches who cut testicles to make spells with the power to coax men into doing as we please.

We have been singled out, persecuted, wrongly accused because of protecting our voice. Often, feminists are confused with a group of women who believe and support the misandry (the hate, aversion and contempt towards men).

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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