A reminder of why I'm a feminist (Realistic satire from a very rude female)

#feminism #womanempowerment #satireagainstmen #mensucks

Sometimes we all need a reality check experience to remember why we are this own peculiar way. We receive male complaints about our distrust, lack of hope, opposition to the male complacency alone, and many other things.

Sometimes, we women need a reminder of what douchebags men can turn to be. F*** them! No man is needed to live a happy life, contrary to their belief.

They think of themselves as this indispensable piece of our maddening puzzle, and the only thing they get right is to turn us into a mad mess with their foolishness.

Men suck so much that they are there for us, but just by word. No action, no real effort, just the one required for their own survival. But words... they are gone with the wind. They are buried under a thousand other things in a men's brain. Forgotten as if it was an unimportant thing.