White Chocolate cake in a mug!

Super moisty! Extremely delicious! A party of flavors in your mouth!​ Less than 5 minutes from start to end.

Recently, I've been hooked up with cakes made in mugs, aka microwave cakes, aka the famous mug cakes! If you haven't tried one yet, you've been living in a cave - pardon me! If you want some, try this 3 minutes mug cake! Or maybe this one:

But for extreme creaminess and another great and easy recipe, keep reading!

I will try and blame my daughter who's been constantly offering help in the kitchen in the form of some dessert. So, thanks to her I've been eating cake twice a day trying to never run out of new recipes for when she's willing to do something in a little time. But, if I'm totally honest, she's just trying to indulge my sweet side! The cake addict side!

Of such a mother, such a daughter, they say. Of course, the apple didn't fell far from the tree here, as this little clone of mine has also developed an obsession with baking.

While they were at school today, I took on the task of creating a new recipe just for her. Plus, the day was chilly, and the cooler the day the hungrier I feel. So, I had plenty of excuses.

Usually, I prepare my mug cakes with almond flour but I had used what was left last night. Yeah, you guessed right! Last night I had another mug cake! Predictable, right?

But, I always keep my coconut flour closer, just in case.

I'm not going to lie to you... The result of this experiment was a catastrophically delicious cake! So tasty! So moisty! That I will be having some more of this in the nearby future!

As I type this, I enjoy this dessert! That's how good it is! I couldn't miss the chance to describe it to you right in the heat of the moment! It feels like a birthday party right in my mouth! ... No! Wait! Like a birthday party in the tropical Crash Boat beach, hitting a pinata that's hanging from a palm tree. The warm sand in between my toes and the fresh breeze of the Caribbean caressing my face! Now, the description makes more justice to this exquisite little thing.

If I would have received this dessert, I wouldn't have thought it was made in two minutes in a freaking microwave. **Mental note- My dad will be rolling his eyes at my ovation to the microwave.**

Note taken, the applause and cheer aren't for the microwave per se, but for this incredible single-serving cake!

What we have here? Not much, just normal things you have around the kitchen and coconut flour! Simple as that! Just 8 ingredients. The perfect amount of everything. Not too sweet. Not dry, eggy, or soggy! Just deliciousness in a mug!

Wanna try it? Did you? How it turned out? Share a picture in the comment section!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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