White Chocolate cake in a mug!

Super moisty! Extremely delicious! A party of flavors in your mouth!​ Less than 5 minutes from start to end.

Recently, I've been hooked up with cakes made in mugs, aka microwave cakes, aka the famous mug cakes! If you haven't tried one yet, you've been living in a cave - pardon me! If you want some, try this 3 minutes mug cake! Or maybe this one:

But for extreme creaminess and another great and easy recipe, keep reading!

I will try and blame my daughter who's been constantly offering help in the kitchen in the form of some dessert. So, thanks to her I've been eating cake twice a day trying to never run out of new recipes for when she's willing to do something in a little time. But, if I'm totally honest, she's just trying to indulge my sweet side! The cake addict side!