Where rivalry between siblings come from?

Why parents are to blame for siblings' eternal battles.

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Once upon a time there was a family with two children: a boy and a girl. The girl was always pampered and the boy always taught how to work hard. Many days the boy was made to work even beyond tiredness, while the girl slept or just played around. Years passed, quickly for the girl, very slow for the boy. She made of her life a mess of rum and men, to the point she left her parents for many years, offending them every time she saw the opportunity. The boy- turned into a man- stood by their parents, in sickness and sorrows, always caring for them.

One day, the daughter returns. Of course, the parents were happy. And that happiness couldn't allow them to see that her return wasn't because of love but for economical needs. Since that day, the girl manipulated them to give her everything they didn't taught her to work for.

The son -adult already- falls in love one day. His parents aren't happy to let him leave so start attacking his girlfriend and force him to never return as long as he decided to be with the woman. The problem wasn't the woman. The problem was they didn't want their son away from their house, leaving them without someone who would do everything for them. The son tried to make them understand he was happy and will always be for them, but they wanted their way or no way. So the son left with the sadness of the rejection of his parents.

Years later, the parents died. The daughter called her brother to let him know. It was nothing left to do, except an inheritance that was left without will. Time passed by and it couldn't be divided, as the girl wanted her brother to surrender what was rightfully and legally his. The daughter thought it all meant to be hers because -according to her- God had told her in a dream it all belonged to her. The brother wanted it to be equal shares as they both deserved to receive the same amount to use to have a better future.

Years and years passed by. They got old and agreements never came.