When your kids talk about your sexual life...

Because motherhood struggles are real!

Are your kids making comments about your sex life? How many times have they said they heard weird noises coming from your bedroom? Are they complaining in front of family members that sometimes you put them to bed early and they don't know why? Are they still children? Are they teens? Have you had the sex talk already?

If you answered yes to one or all the above questions, you're not alone! At some point, we all have experienced our children's comments or insinuations of our sex life.

Let me begin by telling you this is very normal! I'll explain in a minute.

There's a moment in every child's life when they start feeling separated from you. They begin developing their individuality and growing into their own person. No longer they are your little children. Earning some independence from mom, sons and daughters begin looking at the world differently. Not seeing through your eyes anymore, your children will begin to perceive (and listen) those things that belong to your intimacy.

Probably your kids grew attached to you like chewed gum to the sole of a shoe. Still, you managed to keep your sex life hidden from their prying eyes for long years. As the attachment breaks, so the veil of privacy you thought you had.