What your wife (really) wants about S.E.X.

I know you guys were waiting for this! The moment to put the ladies in position to answer this life-threatening question. What this precious princess -sometimes with a dragon inside- really wants in the sexy department.

I think this is sometimes a matter of expectations. That has always been the eternal problem with us women. We build expectations. That's not completely bad. But it is bad for the between sheets moment!

The problem with expectations is that they are built based in fantasy, movies or your own fault. Yes, your fault, my dear friend! Probably you were sweetening her, telling her sweet promising pick up lines to just prove she made a mistake.

Don't "I'm the Titanic and you're the sea, tonight I'll go down on you" and then you just wait to choke her in your junk, without really sinking deep into her rough waters.

That thing of "roses are red, smurfs are blue. I don't know if I can, but I'll try to screw you". That should be your pick up line, so you could work up, instead of down.

If you managed to conquer a lady and made her your wife, the Mrs., let me tell you lucky guy, the worst is yet to come. Yes. The easy part was to make her say yes. The hardest is to keep that yes a YES! YES! YEEESSSS!!

Here are some tips to help you understand what we want about S.E.X. Because for us, women, sex is not only about the intercorse moment, but all the moments that guide us towards it. Sex is a woman's response to a happy, honest relationship. Sex is the culmination of been emotionally satisfied by the end of the day.