What your Mamma didn’t tell: But you wish she would have.

Raising children that are both affectionate and respectful can be an enormous challenge. And honestly, is very hard to know what our kids expect from us sometimes. The more we try, the distant we get from them.

It doesn't have to be that way. Maybe, is not so difficult. Our kids want exactly the same we wanted while we were growing: love, honesty and unconditional support.

Parents use to warn us about things like "guys are looking just for sex. Ladies will seduce you to get your paycheck. You have to focus on studying. Real men don’t love a woman for how she looks, but only for how she thinks. Don't swallow watermelon seeds or a plant will grow in your belly button (or worse)".

I know most of you are laughing right now. But it's the truth. Let's see some things most of us wish our mamma had told us... but she didn't. Because us Mammas are sometimes way too dramatic! I'm talking by experience here!