What your husband (really) wants about S.E.X.!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

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For us women, sex isn’t about pleasure and passion, but mostly about love. Well, first about love. Sex is about connect and reach the culmination of something that’s disturbing us as couple. Sex is the result of trust and unconditional love. But we tend to believe that, for men, sex is just about connecting physically. A race to liberation through his orgasm an that's all.

Maybe is because we have met the wrong men –lots of wrong guys- during our life. Maybe we were taught that sex is just an animal instinct, found also in men, but not in women. Probably, because we are told to be decent, we confuse indecency with the need to feel the same physical connection and pleasure that men love to feel.

When we are little, we start discovering our bodies. We were created sexual beings, that’s why God made us men and women. Not asexual, or just one neutral gender. Or plants!

Little girls are constantly scolded if they don’t cover their bodies. Doesn’t matter if still isn’t developed, everybody makes the girl aware of the difference between her and the little brother who runs without t-shirt, and maybe completely naked around. Girls are told that touching themselves, exploring their