What I wish people knew about A Blended Family

blend·ed fam·i·ly - a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships.

There is not love so pure as the one you feel for your own kids. Right. Right? I tend to disagree. Not only because my family is a blended family, but also because I’ve seen many blended families and the love they have. I have a girlfriend who married a very nice guy. Her perfect prince charming. And he has a daughter. I know my girlfriend loves the girl with all her heart. She has become another mom for the sweet little girl. Yes, she has a mom. But an additional one never hurts.

See, I’m a mom. I love my two babies with all my life. And they aren’t babies. My son is 15 and my daughter is 9. They are growing fast. And yet, they are my babies. A few years ago, my ex-husband met this nice lady and soon they started living together. My kids liked her. They liked spending time with her and her son and I was grateful for it.

Of course, I never tried to intervene in how they called her. I’m not into labeling people that way. My daughter came to me one day asking me if his dad’s wife was also a mom for them.

It was a great question