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How to lose 10 or more pounds in less than a month! + Steak Day Secret Correction Day

Once upon a time, I managed to lose over 110 pounds. I remember it all so clear. It's like traveling back to 2006. There, I can see me and my 220+pounds, including the pregnancy weight I didn't manage to lose. I fought and thrived. And by 2013, I was having a new fight. I couldn't recognize it was time to stop losing weight. As I argued with myself that I should or should not follow the charts that determine what I should weigh according to my age and height, I started noticing those charts were sometimes deceptive.

I was struggling between the 100-131 pounds the charts determined for my 5'1". Confused, I thought I was still "fat" at 130 pounds. But I felt healthy and perfectly comfortable. Struggling, I tried to fit into lower weight. That way, I ended up weighing 108 pounds. Yikes! My body hurt. I remember the pain just thinking about it. My bones were so sharp and pointy, and even something as simple and cozy as sitting hurt my bum! And everything else.

Of course, it was time to stop. I was supposed to stop like 15 pounds ago. The problem was I didn't want to recognize it. It felt so good to finally be in control of my weight and my body. A control I had longed for years! And without realizing it, I had lost all control over myself again.

See, it's very hard to recognize which is one's ideal weight. Especially when everybody out there is selling supplements, pills and miracles to make a skinny civilization. (In their dreams, because that's just all lies for good marketing.) From time to time, we all fall under the deception that to be happy we need to be size 0. We see all those marketing ads with bony women and think that's the true standard of beauty and perfection. And what made us think that a skeletal woman is the equivalent of a perfect woman? What made us think that if we go beyond the "charts" we won't be beautiful? Ourselves! We are the ones punishing us! Looking at myself in the mirror, I know I'm a freaking rockstar! But a long time ago, I didn't. Because I didn't feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth long years ago.

I learned the hard way that charts not necessarily apply to everybody equally. I worked hard to understand what my body wanted and needed and where it felt most comfortable. Never again I allowed a chart to determine my well-being. My weight will only be determined by how healthy and comfortable I feel in it. Not society, nor a chart.

The perfect body weight is nothing but a myth. The true perfect body weight is where you feel most comfortable. Where you feel healthier, stronger, sexier. That's YOUR perfect body weight.

This year, I struggled to shred off some extra pounds I have gained (thanks again Covid-19). I don't think about this because of vanity. It's not a struggle because I just need to feel slim. I have a condition that affects my balance and my legs, so the more the weight, the bigger are my chances to fall and break a bone- which has happened. So, at this point, I don't want to take that risk. I have two kids to care for, and I hate the idea of being the one under care. Ha! So stubborn!

But speaking of a little of vanity:

So far, I have lost 28 pounds. Which is awesome for me. (You can read it all in here!) As I'm on my way to my awesome curve-hugging wedding dress, I wanted to have a little space to overindulge that weekend. Also, I'm in the middle of my DIY boudoir project, so it's also a motivator!

My hubby and I have been waiting for this day for so long and now that it's finally happening we want to have a little of everything! Of course, we'll be eating Puerto Rican food and cake... lots of cake! So, I want to lose a few extra pounds for that overindulgent extravaganza! No way in the world I'll be having just a salad or grilled chicken breast for that marvelous day!

I followed the same protocol I shared in this post and used this supplement, and so far I've lost 11 extra pounds in 30 days. I could have lost a lot more, but I cheated twice -one with pizza and the other with Chinese takeout. But I don't stress too much. I just plan to lose like 3 or 4 more pounds in the next two weeks and I'll have plenty of space to eat those pasteles, plenty of wedding cake and my tequila rose with little remorse.

So, what I'm doing?

I'm still using the same supplements -Check my Amazon products at the bottom of the home page for a direct link! But I've noticed that this time I hate chicken breast and I'm not able to swallow it! It's disgusting! Yikes again! But I found my two new loves: the flank steak and turkey bacon! My lifesavers!

And talking about steak... I wanted to share my ultimate back on track correction day for when I misbehaved in my diet: the nice steak day!


Probably you have heard of it, but if you haven't, this is what has worked for me:

Drink only water, lemon juice, tea and black coffee all day.

Don't eat anything until the afternoon. Eat one 8-12 oz lean steak with one veggie of choice (tomato is preferred). Season it as desired. Cook it without any fat, only coconut oil or coconut oil cooking spray. I love mine with sauteed onions or with a whole Roma tomato made like a stew.

That's everything you'll be eating until the next day.

When you weigh yourself the next morning, you can lose 1 to 5 pounds! I usually lose 1.5 to 2 pounds. That's awesome to go back on track after binge eating.

My hubby and my son didn't think a steak day could really be that effective, so... last Sunday, they both got the fattiest steak to accompany me in my steak day adventure. Yes, a very fatty steak. I used lean as I'm using supplements to cut fat, so my diet doesn't allow fat for a month. But you can have the fattiest steak! Each of their steaks weighed between 2.5 to 3 pounds. They both had it at 1 pm with tomatoes. The next day, both of them had lost 2 pounds! And the three of us have completely different metabolisms!

Don't do more than 2 steak days in a row. It won't work as efficiently after 2 days. But you can do it, skip a day, repeat. Eat low carb a few days and do another steak day!

No matter the reasons you have to lose some weight, remember your focus is to love yourself. To accept who you are and discover your beauty.

Tell me what is your ideal body weight? Are you against charts as well?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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