Week 3 of the healthy challenge

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Hello, everyone!

I'm pretty excited to share with you how week 3 of my hybrid diet is going. Is been a very busy week, where I'm trying to catch up with a few projects, also getting ready for the kids' back to school quarantine style, writing great content for you and everyday life stuff.

The realization that fall is coming and a lot of plans we have are scheduled for that beautiful season, is giving me a boost of adrenaline to do all those things while continuing in a diet so restrictive as this one. I'm hoping for the 30 days to end, though I'm considering extending the diet for 15 more days. I'm feeling great and the results so far has been great. As I'm still a little far from my goal, extending this program for 15 more days seem like the right thing to do for me. But each person is different! If you decide to extend it, I won't go beyond 60 days.

During the week, I saw some gains and in the beginning that got me frustrated, but I've been there before, so I didn't stress out too much. Besides, my doctor prescribed some iron pills, and iron... well... lets say it causes some effects in the body... Let's be honest here, please? Constipation, people. I'm talking constipation. Damn you, constipation! And believe me it get worse if you already suffered constipation before iron...

If that's one of your problems at this point of the diet, I'll advice you to take some lax (there's one like a little chocolate bar, and it works wonders).

Here's a summary of what I ate on week 3:

Phase 2 Day 15 (08/06/20): Morning weight 144.2

20 oz black coffee with stevia. 

11:00 am: 5 strawberries

2:00 pm: 4 oz flank steak/ 1 cup cauliflower rice with garlic, onion, paprika and cayenne pepper powder, aminos.

Today, I didn't have my second meal because I felt sick. First day of iron pills, iug...

Phase 2 Day 16: Morning weight 144.2 (See what happened here? I didn't lose a thing as I didn't ate what I was supposed to...) Hating iron.

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: 1 egg + 2 whites and a handful of spinach (made into an omelet)

4 pm: 4 oz flank steak/ 1 cup cauliflower rice

1 lemon slushy

Phase 2 Day 17: Morning weight 143.8

20 oz black coffee with stevia

1 red grapefruit

8 oz flank steak grilled with 1.5 cup shredded lettuce (Having the 2 portions of steak together- is called a steak day! It helps when you stall. In my case, I didn't have plenty of time to cook because I wasn't home.)

Phase 2 Day 18: Morning weight 142.8

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: 1 egg + 2 whites/ a handful of spinach

12 pm: 1 red grapefruit

4 pm: 4 oz chicken breast/ 1.5 cup lettuce

lemon slushy

Phase 2 Day 19: Morning weight 144.4

20 oz black coffee with stevia

11 am: 4 oz flank steak/ 1 cup cauliflower rice

4 pm: 4 oz t bone steak very lean/ 1 red onion sauteed

Phase 2 Day 20: Morning weight 144.8

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10 am: a red grapefruit

4 pm: 5 oz swai fish with 1 roma tomato (fish stew)

(I didn't have my second meal. The iron is making me dizzy and nauseated.)

Phase 2 Day 21: Morning weight 145.6 (I'm up 2.8 pounds to end with week 3, so I'll do a steak day today and see what happens)

20 oz black coffee with stevia

4 pm: 8 oz flank steak with 1.5 cup lettuce

As the end of week 3, I'm down 10.8 pounds. See, there will be some gains in between the losses, and is nothing to stress about. The best way to know if this diet is working for me is not by weighting myself everyday, but by taking measurements of my body weekly. There, I can see the real change. Is where I see the change I need to see.

So, here's whats going on with my measurements since the starting of the 30 days health challenge: By the end of week 3, I've lost 10.75". That's huge!!! The best part is that 4" of those lost inches were from the waist!!! Boom chaka-laka boom! So despite it was a crazy week of gains and loses, the real deal was still reflected in the inches lost where I needed them to go away.

Just one week to go to finish the 30 days health challenge. So far, I'm feeling great, energized and concentrated. What about your own 30 days challenge? How are you doing? Let me know your struggles and your wins!



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