Week 3 of the healthy challenge

#healthchallenge #gettingthere #healthyhabits

Hello, everyone!

I'm pretty excited to share with you how week 3 of my hybrid diet is going. Is been a very busy week, where I'm trying to catch up with a few projects, also getting ready for the kids' back to school quarantine style, writing great content for you and everyday life stuff.

The realization that fall is coming and a lot of plans we have are scheduled for that beautiful season, is giving me a boost of adrenaline to do all those things while continuing in a diet so restrictive as this one. I'm hoping for the 30 days to end, though I'm considering extending the diet for 15 more days. I'm feeling great and the results so far has been great. As I'm still a little far from my goal, extending this program for 15 more days seem like the right thing to do for me. But each person is different! If you decide to extend it, I won't go beyond 60 days.

During the week, I saw some gains and in the beginning that got me frustrated, but I've been there before, so I didn't stress out too much. Besides, my doctor prescribed some iron pills, and iron... well... lets say it causes some effects in the body... Let's be honest here, please? Constipation, people. I'm talking constipation. Damn you, constipation! And believe me it get worse if you already suffered constipation before iron...

If that's one of your proble