Want to Elope? Here are some great tips for your special day!

Eloping the fun way! Your day... your way!

Your wedding day is a very important moment. Is the first day of the rest of your lives together. A lot of brides are leaving behind the traditional wedding for a casual elopement more focused on the couple. An elopement is a wonderful way to "seal the deal" and eat the cake as well. But as a mini wedding, it requires planning, a little budgeting, and a lot of thoughts to make this day one you'll never forget.

Don't worry! We've put together a few important details to make your elopement day one of a kind!

Elope- to run away with a lover.

What a beautiful way to express it! When you get married, you run away from everything and everyone with the one you love, to live the life you want. The same you do when you elope. Without the fuss! Modern elopement is fun and -if done the right way- it can be a sexy adventure for the couple. If others know about your celebration, or it's a mystery to everybody, that's up to you.

  • Do it cause you want it.

People make the mistake of getting married or eloping to escape the family. Believe me, the family will find a way to get to you and torment you even more. When choosing to elope, do it for love. That's the reason. There are tons of extra reasons that can be added to your decision bucket: like wanting to save some cash or avoid more drama from your relatives. That's okay too. Remember: eloping is exactly like getting married. Without all the logistics of it! Do it for the best of reasons! Love!

  • Choose a season. Not a specific date. Yet!

To avoid setbacks, agree to choose a season instead of a date. The date will come eventually, but you're not forcing a peculiar day. Any day will do as long as love is there!

  • Pick a theme or some colors.

Pick colors that give you love and hope and somehow define your personalities. If you're adventurous and want to go for it, some autumn color combinations are perfect for a fall elopement. Think of copper and emerald green! So beautiful and chic! Or an early winter wedding, with white and red, or Christmas time wedding. I know of a couple who made their wedding a Puerto Rican Christmas party. They had a pig roasting right at the party! So cool to enjoy that tradition at the wedding!

  • Pictures!

One of the positive things about eloping is not having to worry about the wedding guests. With all that time for yourselves, you can invest it in taking the most pictures you can. A helpful tip is to create an album of pose ideas. My favorite wedding poses are saved on a Pinterest board for inspiration. You can do it as well. It's your moment. Take all the pictures you want! Hire a photographer who captures the most magnificent moments of the most special day of your life! Elopement services are usually owned by photographers, so why not?

  • Less stress.

Nothing causes more discussions and irritation between families than wedding planning. Believe me! Every family has its own idea for their kid's wedding. Traditions they expect you to follow. Dresses waiting to be passed on to the next generation of brides. Not to mention all the people waiting to be invited. And some of them were taken off the preliminary guest list even before starting to plan. Probably, your mom is expecting a 500 guest wedding at a medieval cathedral, where no one else but the very Adele sings the Holy Mary when you walk the aisle.

  • Especially focused on the two of you.

You know that feeling of fulfillment you have when the two of you are in agreement with things? Well, big weddings have very little -if anything- to do with the couple, but to satisfy people's hungry bellies and sweeten the eye of a very gossipy aunt. Instead of celebrating the union of you as a couple, the focus will be on how many champagne bottles you will need, how much the food service will cost, what people think if we use disposable cutlery instead of fancy and very expensive silverware...

Regain the focus of your very special day and get it all... just for the two of you. Champagne. Fancy silverware. Your favorite food. Even if it's takeout food.

  • Scenery.

The possibilities are endless here. You can actually get married everywhere you want when you cut the cost of feeding a crowd. Go to the Caribbean. Get married onboard a cruise. Winter wedding at a snowy location. Las Vegas. Hawaii. Fiji. Love your backyard? Why not! You can even buy some backdrops and mount them on an empty wall at home!

  • Saving some money.

Let's be honest here. We're not in the right moment to throw 20K through the window in just getting married. Nobody is. Period! Put all that money where it matters the most: the future of the couple. 20K is a very nice downpayment for a home that will last forever. A wedding party will last for only a couple of hours. And the people mad at you, criticizing your wedding just because, will last months or maybe years.

You'll have to deal with them forever. And still, you'll need a house.

  • Bye-bye family discords.

You want to get married because that person is the love of your life? Your family or their family doesn't approve? We feel you! Get married for the right reasons. Because the love between both of you is so strong you feel you cannot live another day away. Don't get married to escape the family. Eloping is the perfect thing to do when the family is never happy or satisfied. Especially if they treat your partner like he had the bubonic plague.

  • Make it legal-legal.

Every state has its own rules for a union to be legally recognized. Call your local city hall to know what are the requirements in your city. Remember that most places can offer you an elopement package, but not necessarily they do the legal paperwork, just a symbolic union. If you want a marriage protected by law, make sure to invest some time doing the paperwork. A marriage license is required.

  • Say yes to the celebration. The devil is in the beautiful details!

Treat your elopement exactly as a wedding day. Because that's what it is. Minus the stress and excessive guests. Plan it all like a mini wedding party for two. Get a cake. A mini catering. Treat yourselves to an outdoor brunch and mimosas. Play a specially chosen playlist and dance. Is your wedding, own it!

  • Have some guests.

Sure! Want your parents there? Go for it! Gather the people who are the closest and most meaningful in your lives and share the moment with them.

  • Dress to impress.

Is your moment to shine. Buy that beautiful wedding dress you always dreamt about. Let your imagination fly high. But keep in mind to be respectful to your partner and the whole family. Don't kill anyone of a heart attack.

  • Cake.

What a beautiful word! Right? Cake! An elopement without a cake is like a body without a soul. Like a car without gas. Like a beach without waves, or a sunset without viewers. Enjoy the moment. Nobody will tell you vanilla is the classic wedding cake, or that it should be fondant, never buttercream. Get crazy with your cake! Choose your favorite flavor, filling and frosting. Nobody will dictate what you should or shouldn't have. Love cheesecake? Have a wedding cheesecake! Most bakeries who work on wedding cake offer you a sampling session before choosing,... You're very welcome! Have some cake!

  • Vows.

You have promised the world to your partner already, but now you can make it even more awesome. In a traditional wedding ceremony, you'll repeat traditional vows, but can easily incorporate those into your relationship, making them extra special. Say your vows out loud or write them to gift to your partner right before the ceremony!

  • Lingerie.

A marital union cannot be complete without the sexy action that finally... officially... to please other people's thoughts... say you're indeed husband and wife. So, get your hands on a very sexy bridal lingerie and get a mouthwatering one for your hubby as well.

  • Bachelor and bachelorette party just for 2.

You're eloping! Not dying! Why don't you enjoy one of the pleasures of single people? You have been together for a while, right? If you've been living together for years but people always judge the fact that you haven't signed the paper... use them as an excuse to have a crazy night just the two of you. Fix your bedroom while he's at work. Text him to bring lots of $1. Put some lights or candles to give a mysterious 'Fifty Shades' glow. Put a comfy chair for him and dress your part. Wear a wig. Make one drastic makeup. Be his personal stripper for the night! Give him a very steamy lap dance. Pour some champagne over him and lick it madly! Get crazy! It's just the two of you!

  • Traditions.

Don't be afraid to incorporate traditions you love or create a new tradition for your family -like the unity sand to include children in the ceremony.