Thanksgiving love + Vanilla & Pumpkin Swirls Cheesecake recipe

If you were looking for the perfect cheesecake to prepare for Thanksgiving, you can relax now! You have arrived at my house! And I love a nice creamy cheesecake! Wanna have a bite? I bet you do!

I love everything about this recipe! It's so creamy! Not overly sweet to steal the show to its special guests: Vanilla & Pumpkin! These two are making a party of flavors this Thanksgiving!

If you're working your way to a healthier lifestyle, stay with me! I know your struggle! For this cheesecake, I used Swerve sugar substitutes. Both granular and confectioners are great for baking and this "sugar" doesn't mess with your sugar levels, which is awesome for people with diabetes. No. I don't have a partnership with Swerve (though I would enjoy that) but I like the flavor. I love that it doesn't leave that terrible bitter aftertaste of other stevias and that they offer confectioners and also brown sugar. What's not to love?

The fact that it doesn't raise sugar levels touches me very closely. Back in Puerto Rico, I was always in charge of desserts. This week I would be baking madly to create a variety of new and all-timer desserts for our family gatherings.

See! I love desserts! That's my specialty! At first, it was a challenge as almost my entire family has diabetes. I took this assignment at heart and started creating sumptuous desserts that could fool every one of them into believing those were regular treats. The added bonus was incredible and unexpected. A few days later, some of them will tell me that my desserts were something out of this world, as their sugar levels didn't skyrocket after the dessert binge eating.

Not just the high amount of diabetics worried me. Also, I am surrounded by picky eaters. The mere mention of "healthy" desserts gives some people the idea of a bad or bland dessert. I don't blame them. Many people do exactly that. Just cut the sugar -not substituting anything- and voila! That's a "healthy" dessert for some. Because of that, many people have the misconception that every "healthy" baker in the world is just an insipid, wishy-washy baker. But that's not me. It took me time to achieve my perfect level of sweetness, but I never deliver a dessert that's insipid and tasteless.

I aim to please those tastebuds!

This Thanksgiving we'll be away from our loved ones. It isn't the first time, but somehow it feels all wrong. Why? Covid-19 has prevented us from connecting face to face with our families. Lots of people have lost at least one family member due to this pandemic. Thousands have lost their sources of income and homes, and somehow celebrating feels all wrong.

But what's Thanksgiving about?

Thanksgiving isn't about celebration. It is about gratefulness. Thanksgiving is a day to remind us that we must be thankful for what we still have... Daily! Not just this day, but every single day.

We all have different reasons to be grateful, despite the losses and the pain. There's always that little thing we have that brightens our days. What's your reason to be grateful this year?

I'm grateful because:

  • My family is healthy. Despite some of them contracted Covid-19, they managed to recover. Despite some of them went through surgery amidst the pandemic, they are improving favorably.

  • My kids are with me. 24/7. Yes, it's rough for a mom not to have that little time she appreciates when kids are at school. I won't lie! But having them by my side, under my caring eye, safe from sicknesses, far away from Covid-19 is a blessing. If I have to choose between the stay-at-home option or regaining my little time back, I'll always choose them by my side. No matter how crazzzyyy it might get sometimes! And believe me... it gets totally crazy!

  • This year, God has provided us with proof of who really loves and cares for us. As individuals and as a family, we have made discoveries of those who mean good to us, and those who are waiting for us to fall into chaos. This has been a particular blessing this year because we have sacrificed everything, we have left so much behind. Sometimes we have questioned if distancing ourselves from some loved ones was the right thing to do. This year, we had confirmation of our good decision. Sometimes, distance is the only way of healing from people who broke you and kept hurting you. Sometimes, distance is the only thing capable of bonding a family back together. We have experienced both and it's been a blessing!

  • I'm grateful that I took the courage to finally create my website. If it wasn't for it, we wouldn't be having this great cheesecake and gratefulness conversation today! I'm thankful that I did it and that I enjoy it. And I'm totally grateful for having you reading and visiting my website!

  • I have grown a lot on a personal level. I took control of my health for another year! I started taking care of my body and my soul! I started to prioritize myself.

  • I'm grateful because I got my voice back. I have always been a woman with strong opinions and in the past years some people tried to suppress who I truly am. Last year, I made it my goal to write again, to talk about what I believe, to express myself in the best way I know: writing! But above all, I decided to use my voice to empower women to shine, stand out, demand what they deserve, not settle for less.

  • I'm grateful that we have a job that provides us with what we need.

  • I'm grateful for family time.

  • I'm grateful for technology as well. Without it, my kids wouldn't be able to see their dad or the grandparents. And the feeling of longing would be immensely worse.

  • I'm grateful for the time when we had nothing. For those things that we have lost and for those we didn't manage to achieve this year. This teaches us that we have to keep trying. God will provide the strength to work and fight for a better tomorrow.

  • I'm thankful for what I have suffered. This reminds me I'm alive. I am strong. I get to have another chance. From my sufferings, I have learned to be a better person. Maybe a little more impatient and a little less tolerant, but that has made me a better woman.

  • I can open my eyes to a new day. To feel the cold breeze, the warm sun, the tenderness of my family's hugs.

  • I'm grateful for the coffee I can always enjoy. It can be something silly, but it keeps me running and alive, and ensures nearby people's safety!

What are you grateful for?

Whether it is a lot or a little, we all have reasons to give thanks. From the depth of my heart, I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

May this day be the beginning of a Christmas that can only get better!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy