Values to pass on to your children

My 7 pillars of love.

Little things really determine if we're successful or not in our role as moms. Despite society dictates a thousand things in which we fail as moms every day, I believe our failure is only determined by the values we truly infuse on to our kids.

Everything we do in our lives is resumed in our values. If we have solid values, we can be productive members of our society. People talk and talk about the things we should really teach our kids... Are they right? Are they wrong? I think it's just a matter of time to have an answer.

As we debate which are the most important values ‚Äčto prepare our children with, I put together my own 7 essential values.

Here's a list of values we should really pass on to our children:

  • Achievement - By showing our children to do their best performance at everything they do, we're teaching them to work hard. Proving that you are able and willing to excel at your work is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it assures you'll always be a top choice. By being successful, your kids will always have jobs, which is translated into food at their table, a roof to cover their heads, and security for their future. Some people will just say success is not a priority in life. Maybe not success by itself. But what comes with it is definitely an important thing. Lazy people will try to sell the idea of conformism as the right "moral" or "religious" thing to do. They'll say God has provided them with everything just by having faith, but the truth is God has provided them with accomplished people with good intentions and resources to feed their lazy mouths.