Trust: Is it something we must earn or is it something we are entitled to?

In the complicated world of relationships, every rule, every question is totally valid.

A solid relationship is the one whose foundations are those of love, respect and trust. Without one of those elements, a relationship may be able to survive, but enjoying all its benefits will be impossible to achieve.

I've been writing about love and respect and other relationship-related topics, so today let's focus on TRUST.

Trust= firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something.

That's it. Easily explained, trust is to blindly believe in someone and take their words as undeniable truths. It's to rip out your heart and put it into someone else's hands, confident that he/she will never let it fall or even get dirty.

Imagine walking blindfolded and deprived of hearing in an unknown place, guided only by this one person you chose to follow no matter what. That's exactly how scary feels to trust.