Triple Mousse Mini Cake

A sumptuous, silky and very festive explosion of flavors!

(Recipe at the end of the post!)

Now that Thanksgiving is gone, there's only one thing left to do: prepare ourselves for Christmas! And who doesn't love Christmas?

I love Christmas! I'm like a child here! Not because I expect presents though. I love the lights and the breeze. The smell of pine trees, apples, cinnamon, and I love the cold.

I know... You'll say I'm crazy! But trust me when I say I have waited for weather like this my entire life. Having spent most of my life in Puerto Rico, winters were perfect beach time. Probably the coldest time was at winter midnight when it could reach the freezing 65 degrees. Brrrr! (I hope you get my sarcasm here!)

We spent our last Christmas back home on a beautiful beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico. It was windy and the palm trees danced happily from side to side. My kids played on the shore where the water was fresh and the sand was cold. I took pictures of them playing happily, ignorant of the fact that that beautiful beach morning would be our last Christmas on a Puerto Rican beach or that soon we would have to leave it all and move to a new place to call home.

I remember that day! We were without electric service since hurricane Maria so we booked the only hotel available and escaped to enjoy Christmas. We were desperate, tired and depressed. Having tried it all, we were considering that our only option was to leave Puerto Rico and find a new place to call home sweet home! After that wonderful "winter" weekend at the beach, we got the incredible surprise of having electric service back in our community!

That was a beautiful weekend! Despite the distance, I hope to visit my Puerto Rican beaches again one day! Or to feel the fresh breeze caressing my face, swaying my hair at the Rincon Lighthouse. Here, in Georgia, this place we have made our new home, winters are colder, freezing sometimes. For me, that only means a lot of days to wear my thigh high boots! And also means coffee and hot cocoa with cookies, endless movie nights with popcorn tucked under my velvet blanket, and lots of desserts!

Speaking of desserts...

what about a no-bake dessert? I love my oven and everything but sometimes I just want my house to feel cold inside for a little bit longer. The oven just doesn't help much in my mission of a Jack Frost house.

So, I thought maybe a mousse would be a great opportunity to keep the oven off but still have dessert. Plus, I needed an excuse to try my new silicone log molds. I'm in love with fancy-looking desserts, and this silicone mold didn't disappoint me.

For this dessert, you can use a springform pan. In that case, I suggest doubling or tripling the recipe to have nice thick layers.

Also, you can change this dessert's color by adding a drop or two of gel food coloring. I wouldn't suggest other than gel! The gel gives a nice vibrant color with just one drop. For more intense colors add a few more drops! I used a tiny drop of red gel because I wanted it to be light pink, but feel free to add more for a sexy red, or maybe use green! It would look so cute! What about adding some green to the top layer and red for the middle? So Christmas-y!

I used a combination of sugars for the dark chocolate layer. I love these sugars because they don't mess my blood sugar levels, plus those work great on my low carb lifestyle. If you want to buy them, just click this link and you're all set! I'm not affiliated with the company that produces these stevia blends, but I love the product and it's worked great for me, and I know you'll like it too.


You can change the flavors as well. For my recipe, I used Lilly's chips. Instead of peppermint, you can use salted caramel chips for one hell of white chocolate, caramel, dark chocolate triple mousse!

You can also skip the peppermint layer and repeat the white chocolate recipe. Add a teaspoon granulated coffee, 2 tablespoons Swerve confectioners and 1 tablespoon Swerve granular. That combination of flavors: white chocolate, coffee and dark chocolate will taste fantastic! This combination is so perfect you'll be transported to an Italian bistro!

This triple mousse mini cake is so cute! Perfect in size. Amazing flavor. A beautiful delicacy to those guests that are hard to impress. What about watching your loved one's faces when you serve them this pretty and delicious dessert after Christmas dinner? That's certainly a wonderful reward!

Pro Tips:

By experience, I'll tell you these tips. (And by experience I mean I made a lot of mistakes, but I prevail. And ate almost half of these cuties!)

First: refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but I suggest to leave it overnight! (Especially if you don't use the silicone log mold I used, but choose to use the springform pan.)

Second: This mousse is very gentle and luxurious. Almost like trying to handle a cloud in between your fingers. So, it requires a little delicacy to unmold. If -like me- your delicacy is questionable, I suggest putting the mold in the freezer for one hour before unmolding. (Skip the freezer if you used a springform pan. Just run a hot but dry knife along the rim before removing it.)

Third: If you plan on covering the mousse mini cakes with ganache, take advantage of the cold temperature after unmolding them directly from the freezer. Have your ganache ready. Make sure your ganache isn't hot, or you'll end up melting some of the mousses. At this point, you must work a little fast. The ganache will harden quickly. Cover each one of the mousses individually so you can still "glue" the fresh fruits or chopped nuts with the ganache.

***Here's my ganache recipe! Velvety chocolate you can eat by the spoon, or cover your favorite desserts! It's delicious, low carb, keto, diabetic friendly and kids approved!

If you choose to drizzle instead of cover them whole, put the ganache in a small ziplock bag and make a tiny cut at one corner. Or use a piping bag! Drizzle and sprinkle some edible glitter! If you want to go with something like the sugar stars (not the glitter, just the stars) I used for one of my decorations, I must warn you: YOU MUST USE THEM RIGHT BEFORE SERVING. If you refrigerate them, they will melt. (See, by experience and mistakes!)

I hope you can enjoy this delicious triple mousse! If you try it, leave me a comment!

Lots of love,


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