TRIGGER Strawberry Cheesecake Froyo-psicles

I don't think you need to be in L.A. to be struggling with diets, health issues, and delicious treats. Sorry, Demi! The whole planet deals with those same issues every day.

Having been on diets on and off for most of my life, I have come to accept the fact that my relationship with food belongs just to myself. This is my choice. My decision.

The problem here is that these health limitations cannot be looked at just by the eyes of one individual but as a society. Just like every single thing.

If we were to rule the world by the eyes of one particular person, the rest will feel discriminated against. (With reason...) And that's precisely the problem here.

We cannot rule the world by the particular needs of Donald Trump, Kanye West, Prince William, Andrea de Castro, Gerald Buttler, or Demi Lovato. But we can try to have a little bit of everything to make them all feel welcomed.

The world needs inclusivity instead of segregation.

What do I think of this polemic?

As a customer, I find it particularly refreshing to visit a candy store and find sugar-free items, gluten-free, or stevia-made treats. Of course, I'll be walking through the store making cute eyes to rocky road ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, but that's my choice!

Can we call off Girl Scout's cookies because their Samoas definitely trigger my cravings? No kidding. I was seriously considering taking my daughter to a Girl Scouts and Moms' meeting at our county just to take a closer look at those Samoa boxes.

But if I put my hand on those Samoas (or those Samoas in my mouth) is my choice. Girl Scouts are not to blame. They were tempting me, but I choose to do it or not to do it.

What is this all about?

Seriously, I don't know! It's not like Demi cannot hire a super awesome chef to make a froyo just for her! It's not like Demi cannot choose her treats wisely.

This is more like... Demi needs to be reminded from time to time that the world doesn't revolve around one single person. If Demi goes grocery shopping, she'll go against Walmart? They definitely don't offer a huge variety of "healthy" treats and their bakery section is pure sin and temptation.

I bet Walmart would throw some serious donation towards a cause of Demi's liking and the issue will end up forgotten. Plus, Walmart lawyers will defend their "inclusivity" to everyone. And once again, the Demi-froyo drama will be something from the past in just seconds.

So, here's a wonderful choice for Demi!

She can seriously make her own froyos at home. I'm not joking here! That's what I do and Demi should too!

She's a very strong and independent woman who has adapted to a society full of sugar and a lot of other terrible and damaging things. I know how hard it is for her. I know how she feels. Trapped and tempted. Believe me! In my quest to lose weight (from 225+ pounds to 140), I have had several relapses in terrible eating habits.

But you know what? Nobody forced me to it. Eating those bad things was MY choice.

Now I have a better choice. I make my own delicious treats and adapt them to my healthier lifestyle! Of course, I indulge from time to time. But I know my limits and learned to be disciplined.

So, these TRIGGER Strawberry Cheesecake Froyo-psicles are for Demi: the diva, the songstress, the icon!

Strawberry Cheesecake Froyo in a stick? Yes, please!

Pro-Tip #1: Just 5 ingredients are needed for this recipe. The rest are optional: salt, vanilla and vodka.

Pro-Tip #2: Use any "sugar of choice. Stevia, Sweetmonk fruit, Lakanto, Swerve, Pyure, Swerve brown sugar...

Pro-tip #3: I used these popsicle molds! This TRIGGER STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE FROYO recipe makes 12 of these popsicles!

Pro-tip #4: The starts I used to "decorate" are these Wilton edible glitter stars. WARNING: Just use these stars right before serving. They melt easily.

Pro-tip #5: The "sugar" substitutes I prefer are Swerve granular and Swerve.

Pro-tip #6: Feel free to change the strawberries for blueberries, or sugar-free jam. You can also use chocolate chips.

Here's a quick video tutorial!

What do you think? Like this recipe?

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popsicle molds:

Wilton edible stars:


Swerve Brown sugar: