Tres Leches Keto Cake

With just 174 calories per serving, this delicious Latin-American dessert will leave you craving for more!

Stop wondering what dessert you'll have this week! A Tres Leches cake, of course! Not any Tres Leches, but THIS keto Tres Leches cake! Super moist, super delicious! Super easy to put together!

As a Puerto Rican, desserts are part of our weekly routine. We don't need a reason to have dessert. Just because is the perfect and acceptable reason. We don't need a celebration or a birthday to enjoy a cake. There's no such thing as a Boricua who needs a reason to have some cake. That simply doesn't exist.

The first time I tasted a Tres Leches cake I was probably 5 or 6 years old. I remember one of my aunts baked a Tres Leches cake. It was the strangest thing I have tasted, but I haven't tasted many desserts by then. Of course, I had tasted cakes before. I was born eating cake! But that one was different from everything I had tasted. Later that day, my aunt told us her secret ingredient... pancake mix. Don't you worry! I'm done talking about that Tres Leches with pancake mix.

In my early teenage years, I had my first store-bought Tres Leches cake. Though I liked the flavor, I hated the amount of sugar in it. Also, I'm not a big fan of canned condensed milk. There's something about it I just don't love. In my mouth, all of that sugar felt like a gooey viscous thing. Too sticky... too sweet. It was like spoonfuls of actual diabetes sliding down my throat.

When I began my path as a self-taught baker, I created a wonderful Tres Leches recipe that was so good it quickly became one of my bestsellers. Scrumptious and fluffy cupcakes drenched in a combination of milk and spirits!

As I approached a healthier lifestyle, I saw the need for developing a Tres Leches recipe that would fit in with my new eating habits. I cannot help it! As a dessert lover, I will always try to design a healthier version of my favorite desserts.

Where does Tres Leches come from?

This Latin-American hottie became a very popular dessert in the early 1900's. Though its origin is the cause of thousand debates, the Tres Leches cake is traced back to Mexico, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.

What do I love about this recipe?

Everything! The delicacy of every bite. The combination of flavors. The whipped cream on top! The fair amount of cinnamon! The sweet sponge drenched in wonderful milky flavors!

I love its versatility. I can play with this recipe as I like: adding flavors, doubling the recipe, making cupcakes!

Believe me, this cake is so delicious that you'll want to bake some more.

PRO TIP: Add a tablespoon of your favorite liquor to make an adult-only version! Think of homemade Tequila Rose or my "Kahlua" coffee liquor.

PRO TIP 2: If you want a thicker cake, I suggest that you double the recipe!

PRO TIP 3: Sifting the flour will give this cake a wonderful texture. Just like the original non-healthy version. So, sift it! You can do it without sifting as well, and you'll get away with it! The only difference is a slightly grainy texture.

If you're wondering what dessert to share with your loved ones this Christmas week, wonder no more! Have some Tres Leches! Put some strawberries or cherries on top! Dust some cinnamon and repeat!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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