Tiramisu Domes!

Oh, my! #tiramisu Decadent and aphrodisiac dessert made of coffee, rum, and all things delicious!

I love desserts! But maybe you have noticed that already!

Our relationship is very solid! Desserts and I... we've been together for so long that we're best buddies! But if I were forced to make a list of my top 10 favorite desserts... I will stutter. That would be the most impossible homework for me and I would fail it.

On the other hand, if I'm asked for my One & Only favorite dessert... the one I will be fed daily if I am to be thrown into confinement with just one sweet treat to choose for life, without thinking I will yell out loud: TIRAMISU!

I love all things Tiramisu. Tiramisu cheesecake, Tiramisu cakes, Tiramisu swiss rolls, Tiramisu bombs. Tiramisu shakes.

These beautiful Tiramisu domes are exquisite and the flavors are wonderful. The combination of the dark chocolate hard shell, the silky Tiramisu mousse and the coffee & rum-infused Victoria Sponge are a match made in Heaven.

This recipe has the perfect balance between sweetness, the subtle bitterness of coffee, and the tanginess of the mascarpone. Every bite is delicate and sensual. A luxury to gift and enjoy!

At this point, you know how passionate I am about Tiramisu!

Originally, this elegant Italian is made out of delicate "ladyfinger" cookies, mascarpone, eggs, expresso, sugar, cocoa powder and marsala wine. I wanted to make a different version of it. And I wanted to use these dome molds for the first time!

Look at that! It looks so great, so moist, so creamy, it should be considered pornographic! #foodporn style!

Let's just say that Tiramisu is the equivalent of flirty food! As one dessert full of delicious qualities, -extremely delicate and sensuous,- Tiramisu should be treated accordingly. Take this Tiramisu as a proper dessert for a date night, or a surprise to your significant other and you'll be very well rewarded. And what about Valentine's Day dessert? Pair it with strawberries dipped in pink champagne for a powerful aphrodisiac.

For the sponge recipe, I suggest sifting the almond flour. It will give a delightful light texture. Not sifting it will result in a dense and grainy sponge. (It will taste equally good, but you'll compromise the delicacy of it.)

Refrigerating overnight will enhance the flavors and will allow the mousse more than enough time to set properly!

For a wonderful ganache recipe, check out this one! I love it and use it for everything: coffee, ice cream, crepes, custards, cheesecakes,...! You can omit the ganache if you want to. Or drizzle it on top before serving.

Serve these decadent tiramisu domes with a nice expresso shot and enjoy the taste of perfection during an afternoon date! Or pamper yourself with this treat and a glass of champagne!

What's your favorite dessert?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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