21 Tips to be the most desired woman ever!

Good women are sometimes pushed by society to the verge of extinction. Women are forced to choose between being a good mom, or a proper wife, a successful single lady, or a sexy woman. Since we are little girls, we are discretely taught we cannot have it all.

We have come to a point where we have to continue proving our value over and over, despite being on the top of our world.

Even if we manage to accomplish it all, be the awesome mom who bakes brownies for school activities, the model wife who prepared and packs lunch for her husband every single day, great at our jobs, and so on, most times we end up sacrificing our femininity.

No! We don't turn into beardy men who burp like noisy thunders in front of a crowd.

I'm not even saying we stop caring for ourselves... But we stop prioritizing ourselves to meet all the requirements that society imposes on us. We stop enjoying our journey. Our lives turn into a preprogrammed monotony and this forces us to feel un-sexy or unattractive.

I think life has gone too far when we are forced to feel less desired and more compromised to comply.

Let me tell you, it's never too late to get yourself back. It's never too late to feed your inner goddess with a fair amount of self-love. Sometimes, we just need to feel like the most desired woman on the entire planet to make a day feel better. However, those things don't come just because. We have to provoke it to happen. We need to stimulate that change. Just like we are capable of provoking firm erections, we must encourage ourselves to provoke a change: be a priority.

Be the sexy desirable woman you truly are with these 21 tips!

  • Think of you as a sexy beast- Yeah! If you don't see yourself as a sexual being, probably nobody will. Everybody will see you as the caretaker, the problem fixer, the provider, who shows her face, but never you'll be seen as a sexy diva. It's okay to be the troublemaker from time to time. Believe you're a sexy beast. Only you have the power to boost your confidence. Changing the way you see yourself is the first step into desirability.

Channel your sexy beast with mystery. Keep your emotions tamed and your secrets well-protected. Life is nothing but an act. Those who play their part better are the chosen to be protagonists. It's very tempting to open up and talk about what infuriates you or what you do on a daily basis. Choose otherwise. Nothing attracts people more than the veil of secrecy. When you started dating your man, you thought of all the ways to make him notice you and you alone. You were extra careful not to say things you shouldn't because you didn't want him to have the wrong impression.

  • Red lips- a nice mouth is the universal equivalent of sexiness and erotism. Actresses all over the world use red lipstick to look like the most desired women in the entire galaxy. And you know what? They accomplish their mission! You can never go wrong with sexy red lips. After all, red is the color of passion and desire.

  • Be the eye-candy babe! Dress to kill it!- What kind of clothes make you feel like a Greek goddess? Are those tight jeans what makes you feel gorgeous when you leave the security of your home? Or you feel like a princess when you wear a fresh summer dress? Remember, what's the most flattering outfit for a woman doesn't necessarily fit another. Find your own style and don't fear to rock it like the goddess you are!

  • Have some fun on your own.- Sometimes we commit the terrible mistake of waiting for the world to want to have some fun with us. We are so focused on being caretakers, that we stop doing what fills us the most. Remember what you used to do just for fun when you were just a single lady trying to conquer the world? Go and do some of that now!

  • Expand your horizons.- Nobody needs to know you like doing crochet just for fun. You write acrostics but are too ashamed to share it? Don't worry! It's a healthy secret you can keep for yourself. But if you really don't remember what makes you happy, it's okay to begin searching. Follow a tutorial. Write a novel with your alter-ego as the main character. Get a hobby. Go for a walk around the lake after leaving the kids at school. Trying new things revitalizes us, fills us with energy. Living new experiences on our own will definitely make our inner goddess burst like a phoenix.

  • Think of yourself for a change.- If you desperately need a change in your life, you need to start provoking it. You'll only find deception if you expect positive changes to come from other people. Prioritize yourself. Sometimes we must say NO to others in order to give us a most needed YES. Have a good laugh, even if you need to get drunk on your own. Watch a movie! Have you seen "Como agua pa chocolate" or "50 First Dates"? No? No better moment than the present!

  • Pour yourself a glass of wine.- Or your favorite drink with only yourself as a company! It's okay to be tipsy sometimes. Need the courage to ask your husband to work a little harder for your relationship? Have a little drink! There's a saying: small kids and drunk people are always the most honest. The world will still be the same once you're fully sober. And you'll feel so much better.

  • Make the time to care for yourself.- If people around you aren't truly committed to you, they'll mess pretty bad no matter what you do. A man who wants to shit on your marriage will do it anyway, no matter how much you are willing to give. If he wants to drift away, he will. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. Remember... The Kardashians are millionaires, beautifully enhanced with dozens of surgeries to look their best and still were cheated on. So, care for yourself. Take a long bath. Jump on the couch with your drink to just chill. Call a girlfriend. In the same way you schedule all your thousand daily responsibilities, schedule some weekly time to indulge yourself.

  • It's okay to shut down.- You feel broken. You feel depressed. It's okay! You're a person as well! You're just human despite all your superpowers. It's okay to feel tired. It's perfectly fine to need to sleep or to desperately urge some silence or solitude. Do what you need to do to recover. After all, tomorrow you'll manage to function perfectly fine. You always do. You don't have to hide your weaknesses in order to be desirable. Louis Lane was just a mere mortal, full of weaknesses, and still, she was SuperMan's soft spot. See, our flaws make us great too!

  • If life gives you lemons...- Add some tequila and enjoy a limoncello. Too much... too early? Add sparkling water and sugar! Hell, make a party with those lemons and squeeze in the wrongdoer's eyes.

Choose your fights wisely. Not every situation deserves our intervention. Not every little thing between you and your man is worthy of your anger. Choose when's the right moment to fight, for when that moment comes you'll be terrible like a storm and ruthless like a hungry hyena.

  • Try a new perfume.- Nothing has the power to make us feel super sexy (or mega sick) than a perfume. Play with fruity or flowery fragrances. Search for that perfect scent that matches marvelously with your body chemistry! Your fragrance will stay lingering in the air, caressing his senses even after you have left.

  • Be confident.- The world surrounding you may as well be crumbling down, but you must not go down with it. Walk like you own the place. Repeat to yourself: "I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am a queen." Nothing makes a woman more desirable than self-confidence. Distilling confidence is the most powerful trait of beauty. You are not the "stereotypical" model, six feet tall skinny blonde who pukes because she's required to be that slim. And nobody cares. If you're the most confident 5 feet tall curvy brunette with the round booty in the entire building and everybody will notice.

  • Pamper yourself with a professional massage.- Treat yourself with a tension-breaking massage. That neck and back need some strong and firm pressure from time to time. A revitalizing massage will bring you back to life. Plus, getting a massage gives you that "happy ending" vibe that men enjoy watching in porn. He'll be wondering if that's what really happens behind those closed doors and will try to avoid your visits there by all means necessary. Which means free massages. With real happy endings!

  • Be the flame.- Just like fire, you were born to consume, not to be consumed. Be the seductress, not the seducee. Be the aggressor, not the victim. Be the boss. Be that badass bitch he desires so bad. Be that fire that makes him want to burn without even questioning himself why. Be the hunter. Never be the prey. Men love the feeling of control. That's why they chase women. It makes them feel like hunters. But just like with hunters, they move to other prey when the prey is down. Make him think he's hunting you when in fact he's the one who's been hunted!

  • Be funny+Smart.- A woman who has the perfect balance of intelligence and entertainment is a killer combination. Be that brilliant, beautiful, quirky woman who genuinely laughs at his jokes. Men feel very attracted to that kind of attention. Be that interesting lady his colleagues want to meet. Be the focus of attention for your brilliant capacity, your pretty smile, mysterious personality and your great sense of humor.

  • Be present on social media.- Whether for work or personal reasons, keep your social media presence. He'll be checking on you constantly if he knows other guys are avidly waiting in line to have a chance with you. From time to time, post a pic of yourself and leave him the job of posting pictures together. He'll want to mark his territory.

  • Be independent. Be in control.- Nothing is more desirable for a man than a woman who's in control of her life. That woman who takes difficult decisions if she must. That lady who waits for no one. The fact that something broke and you just fixed it on your own tells him you know you don't need him at all. Don't chase him. Show him you want him in your life... as long as he wants to be.

  • But still, let him be your hero.- A man loves to feel that his woman needs him. Allow him to be your knight in shining armor. Ask him to help you with something heavy, or to accompany you to an event. You can be as strong as hell, but you must be vulnerable as well. Men love women who can hustle and still need someone to hold them tight when things get rough. Praise the good things he does. How strong he is. How handsome he looks right in the middle of a date. Be equally conscious to prove your independence as you prove how much he means to you. There's a very fine line between showing your man you're autonomous and crushing his manhood. Be careful not to cross that line. There's no coming back.

  • Take matters into your own hands.- Knowing what turns you on is a requirement if you want to be a desired woman. A man must know you don't need him to satisfy your needs. You can do that on your own. He must know you're not a toy, you're the toymaker! Playing with yourself elevates the state of excitement and arousal, which is a good thing because men can smell that. Unconsciously, their bodies are alerted by the distinctive scent produced by our horniness. Knowing what puts you in the kinky mood is imperative to have a satisfying sexual relationship.

  • Be the sex Goddess.- Play the 50/50 game in your relationship. 50% defiant 50% submissive. That way you'll always be both interesting to pursue and worthy of keeping. Plus, men love to be told what to do in bed. They feel manly and powerful when they know they are delivering pleasure. Boss him around between the sheets. And let him boss you as well. Be the sexual creature you want to be. Explore and share your desires with him. Focus on your own satisfaction and release. Nothing turns him on more than seeing you climaxing.

One day, be that controlling dominatrix who blindfolds him. The other, be the innocent Lolita in uniform who needs a spanking! Be novel and unforge