They call me a WITCH

What have I done to deserve it? #witch #bullied #Iamhiswitch #callmewitch

They call me a witch and still, they have never seen my hair disheveled and full of spiderwebs. Never seen me riding a flying broom. Never seen the green skin I must have hidden under my pretty face.

They call me a witch, not because I have supernatural powers or because I can control evil forces. They call me a witch, and even so, I have never played a Quija board or used a pentagram.

They call me a witch. Not because I invoke the powers of evil or because I have the audacity of making sacrifices and play with the bones of the dead.


They call me a witch because they don't like me. They call me a witch and still, I don't care. I don't care at all.

They call me a witch because I say what I think. Because I don't filter my words to prettify them just to please some people. I'm raw when I talk. I call this honesty. For them, that's the evil I have inside.

They call me a witch because I don't care about excuses. I'm challenging. I thrive and I win.

They call me a witch because I don't laugh at anyone's bullshit. That's not witchcraft. Better call it bitchcraft, but there's no spell in that.

They call me a witch because I win people with my knowledge and my sincerity. I don't need to lie to be liked.

They call me a witch because I can be watched and loved, but never owned or tamed. Because I'm a romantic but also rough as hell.

They call me a witch because I defend my freedom and don't bow to anyone. Is hard to understand I've come this far and it wasn't to be humiliated by anyone.

They call me a witch because I do magic they can't explain when cooking delicious foods my kids and everybody else enjoy.

They call me a witch because I write beautiful words with the power to arouse, the suffering that can bring to tears, or will all the bad intention to provoke. They call me a witch because I freely talk about sex and passion. Because I pursue love.

They call me a witch because I move around like I own the place, even when I'm just a visitor.

They call me a witch because of the magic I do to enchant my husband. They really want to know what's the spell I put on him, how I manage to keep him so bewitched. They don't know my power is impossible to replicate. My charm cannot be revealed because they'll love me as well. I'll just say that my sexy spell is both in my body and my soul.

They call me a witch because I chose where I go. My spirit is free and still I know where and to whom I belong.

They call me that way because I'm mysterious. I master myself and I defy their conventional lives. Because I'm not perfect, I have many defects, and despite all those flaws, I am still earning everyone's attention.

I may be a witch to them because I get angry and turn into a storm. My anger has no consolation other than justice. I might be a hurricane, but who doesn't need a storm from time to time?

Because I don't live by people's opinions they dare to call me a witch. Because I refuse to be controlled and used by them.

They call me a witch because I like good things. And if what I want doesn't exist, I simply create it and voila! That's my magic as well!

They call me a witch because I love to motivate women to be their best. Because I refuse to feed their wrong ways to make women an inferior being. Because I judge male's wrong behaviors. Because I refuse to settle for less than what I truly deserve. Because in matters of love and this eternal battle of sexes, I'm not a conformist nor prudish.

Because they hate to know they'll be empowering me if admitting I can do big things, just by being a mere mortal lady.

They dare to call me a witch because my temper is a bitch. I never back down. If you hurt me you need to know I'll make you pay. I've been hurt enough already to allow myself another pain. That's the bitchy witch I am.

They call me a witch because I'm both a strict and cool mom. My kids respect and love me. And that's a very hard relationship to obtain these days. They might be under my spell as well! Because successful moms are all full of tricks to be on top!

Because I protect my relationship they call me a witch. Because I don't give them access to my sanctuary, my home, my refuge. Keeping my deeds behind my closed doors seems to be witchcraft enough.

They call me a witch because I hate half-truths. Because I read the lies in people's eyes. Because I have a bullshitometer to detect their crap. Is not my fault they enjoy to live a lie. The only fantasy and lie I manage to create is written in the pages of my books!

For them, I'm unbearable. I'm not corrupted and dirty and mundane as them. I don't vent my problems. Don't solve it all at bars or jumping in someone else's lap. I think. Understand. Plan. Act. Love. Resolve. Conquer.

I don't plan to change the way they think of me. If that makes me a witch, let me ride my broom! If giving a shit for their decaying way of thinking makes me a witch, let me polish my cauldron. Because what they call "magic", I call inner power, a gift, action, wisdom, intelligence.

Call me a witch if you want. That's just your empty words. Deep inside you know I'm much more! And that's the reason why you need to hate me so bad. I must say thank you! Because "haters" are the biggest fans!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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