There's plenty of life after divorce. 5 tips to survive the change.

Updated: Mar 13

If you're divorced or divorcing, you can certainly know what it feels like being hit by a bus... constantly... every time you try to stand up.

You have your reasons for choosing the divorce status, or at least your (ex-) partner has some, but the world outside your four walls think they have some even more powerful reasons to try and change your minds. Everybody knows that marriage is a life-changing decision and divorcing isn't different from this. One is full of happiness and plans for a great future. The other one is full of pain and perhaps some hope.

For some weird reason, people say that life ends just after a divorce... Or right in the middle of it. It's so weird... The capacity that the world has to try to manipulate you to avoid getting divorced.

When mentioning the word DIVORCE in front of... let's say... family- it seems that you're trying to tell a horror story with decapitations in the middle of the night, or deaths by poison-infused desserts. At least my story was like that. Taking the decision of divorcing my (ex) husband, the father of my kids, the person I thought would be my companion till my last breath, was -for me- the easy part. After a series of incidents happening early in our marriage, I had set my mind on the idea of divorce. I'm not gonna lie, for years I waited for the right occasion to do it. I expected to be understood or at the very least supported. The idea took shape in my mind and it calcified in my heart as well. It was a painful decision. It broke my heart. But it was necessary. Some people say divorce is evil. A necessary evil is sometimes the only salvation for our emotional well-being.