The perfect DIY boudoir to surprise your man. How to!

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The perfect gift for your man may be easier than what you think.

Men... How much we love them! How complicated are they! And also how simple! That's not a bad thing. What I mean by men being simple is that men are easier to please than what we believe. They are easier to please than us! And you know that's the truth.

How is that?

Well, yes. Believe me. It's simple! Men are visual. If you want to please your man, to see him slobbering all over, extremely excited (and allow me to say: HORNY) give him something very attractive to see. So, why not gift your man with his private sexy model in the form of a book or magazine? That's what I'm talking about: your own boudoir album!

You don't believe me, don't you? Answer this to yourself: Why is porn so popular among men these days? Why in 1972 -when the world was still conservative- the first edition of the Playboy magazine sold more than 7 million copies?

By 2018, studies reflected that 98% of men reported porn consumption. It's 2020 now, so maybe we're talking about 99%? Well, then why don't you give him a nice amount of kinkiness he'll certainly not forget?

If you enjoy a healthy relationship -with a nice amount of action and great sexual chemistry- a boudoir album is a naughty way to pamper your man. This thoughtful gift will make him feel extra special.

What's a DIY boudoir?

Boudoir is a term that refers to erotic pictures mostly taken with lingerie. Its purpose is to empower the woman, to help her in the quest to own, accept and love her own body. A boudoir session can be made in a studio, home, or even outdoors. Erotism, innocence, elegance, sensuality, simplicity are things to portrait in boudoir photography. Boudoir is intended to insinuate rather than just show. Insinuate how sexy we are while still wearing some. Suggest our innocence hidden behind a wedding veil. There's no limit to this if we are creative enough!

In our case, a DIY boudoir -as its name implies- is an erotic photo session made by ourselves- without professional photographers. Just us, our creativity, and our own cameras.

If you want to accompany me to our own DIY boudoir session, let's make sure we have the essentials! I'm getting ready for my first DIY boudoir, so I invite you to do yours as well.

  • Lights

The correct light is very important. If you don't have some studio lights or a selfie light ring, make sure the natural light is generous. A selfie light ring is very inexpensive. Allows you to change the colors and intensity of the light; plus, comes with a phone holder. If relying on natural light, doing your photos during the morning is your best option. Instead of dark window curtains, use sheer to allow the sunlight into the room.

  • Android phone with a nice camera or a digital camera

My phone has a 25 MP camera and the images are pretty awesome. The quality of the pictures is better than my Nikon digital camera (and I loved my Nikon, but not anymore). I can edit, crop and a lot more without losing its resolution at the end. Make sure you can order at least 8x10 prints. If investing in a better camera is not in the budget, you can always make a lot of 5x7 pics!

Warning! Make sure your phone doesn't automatically upload your pictures to social media. Everybody will be editing and censuring your pictures before you know it!

  • Bluetooth shutter

Believe me on this! A shutter is inexpensive and extremely necessary. Unless you want to stand up 500 times from a nice pose on the floor to set the 10 seconds timer again and again... A Bluetooth shutter gives you the freedom to take a lot of pictures of one pose and a thousand variations of it without losing what you were doing. It's a time saver!

  • Lingerie

That's the fun part! Because taking pictures with dresses and a bunch of clothes is overrated already. You need some lace. Some leather. Some cheerleader's or cop's uniform. That beautiful matching bra and panty you bought. Play a little with your outfits. A Lolita, maybe? A dominatrix? Why not!

  • Props

What's a beautiful picture without a gorgeous necklace? Christmas lights surrounding your body will give you an angelical effect. Flowers. Candles. Tulle to show but not too much. A veil! Mirrors. Velvet blankets.

  • Makeup

Invest some time in nice makeup that enlightens your facial features. Red lips, a nice cat-eye line. Do your hair. Make sure your nails are polished.

  • Time

A DIY boudoir session will take a few hours of your time, especially if you have kids around needing help with their school works while homeschooling. It's okay to divide your sessions between days. That way you can cover a few styles without pressuring yourself to do it fast. The goal is to enjoy yourself, not to cause additional stress. Take advantage of this. One day you can be a nice girl with ponytails and a mini skirt. The other day you can be a deathly dominatrix with red lips and a leather catsuit.

What are you aiming for?

Be sexy- Rock those curves with a gorgeous smile, knowing there's nobody as hot and desired in the whole world, as Ashley Graham does daily!

Be bold- look at the camera with little interest but a great attitude. Show you mean business with your penetrating eyes, piercing through the camera. Like Jessica Chastain and Cara Delevigne bold!

Be sassy- Dress like a schoolgirl and act carelessly like Marilyn Monroe! Play with your hair to give you the bedhead that characterizes all sassy great models.

Be mysterious- Red lips and some black lace covering your body will help you achieve your goal. Like Fergie!

Be pro-nature- Have a private patio? Take your boudoir session to your backdoor and take advantage of the sunset!

Be creative- Have some extra time on hands? Why don't you turn your body into a canvas with streaks of paint?

Be over the top- Want to blush every time you go back to your DIY boudoir pictures? Why don't you go all Fifty Shades with leather, a whip, or maybe some bondage!

Be yourself- the best thing about taking your pictures yourself is you can be as natural as you always are until the poses start to flow. And believe me, it will flow once you get used to the intimacy between you and your camera.

Be confident- You're very aware of your flaws. You've seen yourself in your best and worst. Now is not the time to focus on those little things. It's time to steal the attention from your flaws and use it on your virtues (and by virtues I mean those cheeks, babe!)

As we prepare for our DIY boudoir, let's not forget one important thing: our boudoir album might be a wonderful gift for our husbands but must of all a gift for ourselves. A gift of empowerment. Rock that power, woman! Own it!

See you on the other side of the camera!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy