The perfect DIY boudoir to surprise your man. How to!

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The perfect gift for your man may be easier than what you think.

Men... How much we love them! How complicated are they! And also how simple! That's not a bad thing. What I mean by men being simple is that men are easier to please than what we believe. They are easier to please than us! And you know that's the truth.

How is that?

Well, yes. Believe me. It's simple! Men are visual. If you want to please your man, to see him slobbering all over, extremely excited (and allow me to say: HORNY) give him something very attractive to see. So, why not gift your man with his private sexy model in the form of a book or magazine? That's what I'm talking about: your own boudoir album!

You don't believe me, don't you? Answer this to