The Best Psyllium & Flax Keto Bread (Low-carb * Gluten-free * Sugar-free * Kids approved)

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my delicious sandwich bread loaf. If you missed it, make sure to subscribe! You'll receive all my recipes and posts straight to your mailbox!

But, if you missed it and want to try that bread recipe, (because it's bread!) here is a quick link to it! You will not regret it!

If you're a bread lover but have limited time, here's a quick and easy version to be made in the microwave! Doesn't matter which option you choose, they are all delicious in their own special way.

Now! This flax & psyllium bread is something else! This new invention is super rich in fiber. The right amount of psyllium husk and ground flax have the power of turning this bread load into a delicious fiber supplement! If you didn't know, both are great to fight constipation! Make sure to drink plenty of water (just in case)!

I adored this loaf because the hint of garlic was an unexpected upgrade. The savory slices disappeared quickly, even between the most reluctant eaters of this house.

The last time I baked a bread loaf, it was "sold out" so quickly that I didn't manage to take enough pictures of it. But I learned from my mistake! Shortly after dropping the kids at school, I got ready to bake this loaf. Lunchtime came and it was just us: bread & I!

I got creative and even took a pose with the bread before sinking my teeth on it!

This bread is firm, yet the texture is very similar to wheat sandwich bread. We had so much fun toasting some slices and watching the butter melt on top. Yummy! What a pleasure to the senses! Great smell! Awesome taste! Pretty loaf to look at! And it won't crumble in between your fingers trying to grab a sandwich. Perfection!

Making a successful bread loaf sounds harder than what really is. It may appear to be a scary thing to do... Because lots of things can go wrong!

Believe me, this recipe is ALMOST foolproof (there's always this person who skips the instructions, right!... Why are you raising your hand?)


  • Pre-heat the oven and grease and line the tin.

  • Use an 8x3 loaf tin. A bigger tin will only give you a wider loaf but not tall enough. If you really want a massive tin, I suggest doubling the recipe for a nice tall loaf.

  • It's very easy! Sift all dry ingredients together and set them aside.

  • Melt the butter and coconut oil and toss the minced garlic inside.

  • Whisk the eggs till they are fluffy.

  • At low speed, add the butter in a thin stream, almost as fine as a thread.

  • Fold the dry ingredients in the egg and butter mixture trying not to deflate the eggs.

  • Pour the mix in the greased tin and with a rubber spatula, shape the top as a dome.

  • Sprinkle the topping and press gently.

  • Bake!

  • Wait!

  • Cool down!

  • Eat!

Before the Bread-osaurus were back home, I needed to have a sandwich! It was kind of a now or never situation! If they managed to put their hands on my bread first, everything would be lost and I would have to bake another one soon (which I'm doing right now anyway!).

Bacon, Gouda cheese, lettuce & tomato, and a little bit of mayonnaise, and there I was... a sigh of satisfaction and happiness!

What else? Have some bites with a nice cup of coffee!

How you prefer your bread? As a sandwich? Toasted? Share your thoughts! Planning to bake this loaf?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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