The Best Sandwich Bread Loaf (Keto/Low-carb)

My bread addiction finally found its fix! This delicious keto/low carb bread loaf just has 1G net carb per slice!

One of the best pleasures of life is eating bread. My apologies if you thought I was going to say SEX. Maybe in another post I will, but not today!

I come from a place surrounded by beautiful beaches, where the heat is always present and bread cannot be missing from the table.

Breakfast is a wonderful excuse -if you need one- to have hot bread with melting butter.

If you have visited Puerto Rico, you'll know the following is so true! When you go to a local restaurant, the first thing you get served is a plate of garlicky bread pieces. Everywhere you go, you'll get bread even before you're served with salad!

You can stop to buy some pinchos -chicken or pork skewers- and you'll get a slice of bread on top of the wooden stick!

Bread is like part of an unspoken tradition because even with pasteles, Boricuas have some bread. Curious? Not much! Surprised? Not at all! Bread is like a culture in other countries. A very delicious culture if I must say! And for us -Boricuas- bread is almost as necessary as water.

But as much as I love bread, I cannot allow myself to indulge in this carb-packed temptation very often. This leads me to the hard task of creating my own bread.

For years, I tried to create the perfect bread loaf recipe. Sadly, I always ended giving up on my quest and surrendering to the comfort of cloud bread.

Of course, that's never enough. So, I ended up making a very decent, edible, and savory microwave bread that satisfied my desire for bread.

If you're looking for something quick but still delicious, I highly recommend this recipe! As you can see in the picture below, that quick recipe makes a perfect sandwich in just minutes! And without needing to turn the oven on!

But if you're looking for something more... something big... something like those cute loaves you see in bakeries, then keep reading for this awesome recipe!

Anxious -and a little hungry as well- I tried and tried, and finally achieved perfection! Overjoyed, I couldn't believe what I had in front of my eyes. This perfect loaf with a dome crust! By that time, I could see my new invention promised!

Waiting for it to cool down was real torture! Patiently, I decided it was time for a cup of coffee while the magic of cool-down happened. When the time finally came, I was glad for waiting. The crust was crunchy and hard, the interior was soft and the texture was springy! Just like a gluten-full, carb-packed bread loaf from the bakery! I was not disappointed!

This bread was so good that immediately after I sliced it, my family attacked like hungry bears waking up from hibernation. They shoved the slices in the toaster, smudging them with butter.. and like magic, the loaf disappeared. The next time I made it, the story wasn't very different. Cannot blame them. I did my part in the crime, as well. Guilty by pleasure.

If you're a #lowcarber looking for a great bread recipe, you have come to the right place! This is the most incredible bread recipe you'll ever find!

Let me give you a quick tip here:

Pro Tip #1: This bread is tricky! Do not prepare more than 2 batches of this recipe at once. Two are okay. More... it just won't work. Why? I don't know! It just doesn't. Probably, this mix is picky and wants to be treated in a very special way! I have done this recipe a lot of times. It only works when I do a single batch or if I double the recipe. But it doesn't work when I try to triple the recipe. Believe me, I have tried everything so don't waste precious ingredients! Just double the recipe. Put them in the oven and start all over again!

Pro Tip #2: Feel free to add Italian spices and some parmesan for a delicious twist! Just combine the dry spices with the rest of the dry ingredients. Così Buono!

Pro Tip #3: Double the recipe and freeze the second loaf! You'll thank me later!

Pro Tip #4: DO NOT try to substitute the eggs for flax eggs. It just doesn't work.

Pro Tip #5: Instead of 1/4 cup ground flax, you can combine 2 tbsp. sesame seeds, 1 tbsp. flax and 1 tbsp. psyllium husk. Ground them together and sift.

Are you a bread addict looking to cut some carbs? You've come to the right place! Let me know what you think about this recipe!

Share your loaf pictures! Did it survive beyond the slicing picture?

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Lots of love,


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