The #1 and only rule to identify FAKE LOVE

I Love You... When the words sound so fake... Do they really mean it?

The #1 rule to identify fake love

I love you.

Some important words that have lost their powerful meaning over time! Especially when, at this precise moment, people will "fake it, till they make it"... And you don't really know what the hell they mean by that!

Will they pretend love till they truly love me... or they will play pretend till I fall right into their trap?

This is so confusing... And my head hurts.

I love you!

How much we crave... need... desire to hear those 3 tiny little words! What avalanche of crazy emotions it makes us feel! Just listening to the sweet music that "I love you" represents, our self-esteem grows, we feel pretty, adorable, smart, important.

But hear me out... Are you ready?


How do you feel now, knowing that I (a complete stranger) loves you madly? Don't you feel something's off? Do you receive the "feeling" as the right one? Or your guts (or nuggets as I call my intuition) are telling you to retreat, bring up your safety shield, take some distance, check out what's wrong?

Is she gonna rob me? Is she looking to steal my organs and sell them to the black market? Nah, she will just stab me and leave me bleeding to death on a dark alley! This lady will drug me and force me to sign a legal document where I surrender all my belongings to her. Then, she'll kill me.

If those are your thoughts, I cannot blame you! And you're probably right to doubt.

From the bottom of my heart, I will say I distrust too much of everyone. And I have plenty of reasons to be this way. For years, I battled between plenty of "I love you's" accompanied by the worst proof of signs of affection. I was too stubborn to understand it then. I was so desperate to feel accepted and loved that I couldn't understand I was just falling for the worst kind of deception.

"I love you" aren't supposed to be just words. For instance, I love desserts. Love! But I wouldn't surrender my life for them.

I love a juicy ribeye. But if my life was at stake (stake... not steak), I would become a vegetarian. Not for desire. But by force.

I love my son and my daughter. Without blinking, I'll sacrifice myself for them. No hesitation.

I love my husband. I would leave everything behind to follow him to the end of the world. No doubt. Wait... done that already!

People will say there are tons of ways to show someone how much you love them. And that's probably true.

But there's only one simple thing that will help us differentiate between real love and the fake one. "I love you" by itself doesn't mean a thing if it is not accompanied by actions. Just that little detail.

How "I love you" actions are represented? Let's talk about it!

Have you heard an "I love you" accompanied by the following?

  • "I love you" but when you need me, I'm too busy to even care.

  • "I love you" but when you need someone to stand right by your side to defend justice, they just ally with the best bidder (the one who offers them things to stab you... Even family. Mostly family.).

  • "I love you" because you're that person that listens to their tantrums and always helps them out of trouble. But when you need someone to talk to, you bore the hell out of them with your problems.

  • "I love you, son/daughter" because you are always there to worry for me when I need you. But when I must choose a posture between you and your father/mother... you'll always be the bad seed.

  • "I love you" but this person that is your significant other never learns to write your name properly.

  • "I love you" but I will beat the crap out of you if you disagree with me.

  • "I love you" but I'm too comfy right now to drive for an hour to pick you up under the rain.

  • "I love you" but don't expect my honesty because I don't feel like you deserve it. Even when you do!

  • "I love you" but they constantly lie behind your back.

  • "I love you" but they trash-talk about you whenever they have the chance.

  • "I love you" but you need to choose between them or us.

  • "I love you" but I will never allow you to have your own life.

  • "I love you" as long as you dress as I say.

  • "I love you" but your success has to benefit me. If not, you're vain, egotistic, and will burn in hell.

  • "I love you" but it's unacceptable that you have succeeded. I want what you have (envy) without making any effort.

  • "I love you". We should steal some money.

  • "I love you" so much and I want to share this with you. Smoke it! Drink it! Swallow it! That's nothing. It's just smoke. It's just alcohol. It's just a pill to chill.

  • "I love you" so much that I want to be your first. Let's have sex so you can prove to me how much you love me.

  • "I love you" so much and I expect you to prove it by surrendering what belongs to you and giving it to me.

  • "I love you" but I can't prioritize you over my needs, desires, affections, lies...


People who truly love you will act accordingly. Their actions and attempts will be consistent with their emotion.

"I love you" needs to be accompanied by good actions.

  • A person who truly loves you will make any sacrifice required. Be reasonable here. You're not asking someone to cut their veins open, just to give you a ride, maybe.

  • A real "I love you" needs to be accompanied by truth, even when it hurts.

  • "I love you" will always be kind. Never will act with cruelty towards you.

  • Someone who truly loves you will be over the moon when something good happens to you. They will celebrate with you even when their own life isn't working out at the moment.

  • Someone who really loves will be proud of your achievements and will be ecstatic for you.

  • Who loves you will never take what belongs to you. They will be humble and honest.

  • "I love you" will take the right stand, even when others bully them.

  • "I love you" will never plan against you with others, even when they are offered a juicy amount of money, properties, or benefits.

It is not that hard to identify fake love. It is -in fact- easy. The problem is that it hurts. It kills us inside. Finding out someone we love... someone who will say "I love you" non-stop... is just taking advantage of us to climb, to move on, to succeed, to win things without effort, to learn more about us to find out our weaknesses, to discover our secrets to share it with other people that wish us bad, it hurts.

Blindly, we never expect betrayal from someone who says "I love you". We should. Those who show you love with their actions will never let you down.

Do people really mean it when they tell you "I love you"?

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy