Tequila Rose Crème Brûlée Just for 2

A French delicacy made with a creamy strawberry and tequila blend! Burnt sugar on top to seal the deal on Valentine's day!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I can only think of delicious and super creamy crème brûlée!

No! To be fair, that's not entirely true.

Lately, I've been thinking about Tequila Rose too! How the spirit slides down my throat, not nearly burning but not totally sweet... It's incredible. The combination of strawberry, sweet cream and tequila is... if I just have one word to describe it: aphrodisiac.

From time to time, I make my own Tequila Rose at home just to save some precious sugar and carb consumption. If you haven't read my Homemade Tequila Rose recipe check out here!

Once upon a time, before I had started learning confectionery, I used to hear people talking about the trouble that it was to make a nice creme brulee. Those that didn't venture to make it at home talked about the high price they pay for one of these delicacies. Nice money they paid without a gram of remorse. Ranging between $6 and $20 per less than 4 oz, this creamy custard with burnt sugar on top is certainly an extravagant dessert. Of course, this French deliciousness is super cheap in comparison to Krispy Kreme's super-luxe doughnut that costs almost $1,700, but not everyone can pay $20 every time the craving comes.

Preparing a vanilla crème brûlée at home (use this same recipe and just substitute the Tequila Rose for your favorite vanilla extract or use a vanilla bean) you can enjoy this sweet treat whenever you want with expending just $1.31 per 8 oz serving. Not a shabby price, right!

This recipe is for 2 servings of 8 oz each. Feel free to double the recipe or to use 4 oz ramekins to make 4 servings.

You can substitute the flavor for any other you like. You can also try this delicious Kahlua Creme Brulee.

Tequila Rose is the perfect flavor to celebrate love and romance. If you enjoy a very light flavor, use 1-2 tablespoons. But if, like me, you enjoy strong flavors, use all you want! I have made it with 2 tablespoons of Tequila Rose and also with 10 tablespoons. My favorite? Of course, 10! The flavor is very noticeable and still, you can taste the cream and the crystalized burnt sugar.

So in love with this one! Madly in love!

I hope you enjoy one Valentine's day full of love, romance and lots of crème brûlée!

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Lots of love,


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