Super Moist Lemon & Mascarpone Cake (Keto*Low-carb*Gluten-free)

Fancy-tasting & easy-making moist cake to say end Summer vacations!

Lemon Mascarpone keto low-carb cake

****Recipe at the end of this page!****

How are you feeling today?

Are you already accepting that Summer vacation (for students) is coming to an end? Just one week... That's what's left of Summer Vacation.

The question is: did you manage to enjoy Summer with the kids despite having to work?

Yes? Yes! That's so good to hear!

I managed to enjoy mine as well, and we did a lot of things (considering work, hubby's work, and my son taking University courses during the Summer -he's 16).

But we had fun and did lots of things. We packed and moved to our new forever home. Finally! We celebrated the kids' birthdays, father's day, my birthday, and also have some close family visiting us!

It was great!

I believe we haven't had this fun since quarantine started. And it was a while since we had family reunions. It was wonderful to catch up and laugh and hear how everything is going for them as well.

Another great thing we did -that we haven't done in years, was to bbq at home! As we have our own home with our own back patio, we were finally able to buy a bbq. We sat under our patio umbrella chatting while cooking juicy meats. ***Our previous rental homes didn't give us an enjoyable outdoor space.

Now, we are enjoying this! Finally!

What I never stopped doing was baking! As one of my addictions, baking and creating new recipes are relaxing activities for me! Plus, it's a great excuse to get the best of my kitchen!

This Summer, I was kinda depressed with the mortgage's closing process. There were days I would have wanted to stay in bed and fake death. That's how depressing and emotionally torturing a closing process is. One day... everything is awesome and 5 minutes later you have to show evidence of a $4.95 Dollar Tree purchase you made back in 2005.


Let me confess something... Those days... I just couldn't put myself through the baking process... or any process. I just needed to get over with it. But every night, I dreamed about baking awesome treats. Till we finally were able to sign those glorious documents! And just like that, I knew I needed to get back on track with my passions.

This super moist and delicious lemon and mascarpone cake is one worthy of a fancy wedding cake tasting. (In fact, we chose key lime as our wedding cake flavor!)

Don't let its super cuteness fool you, this was a quick bake. And an even quicker assembly! (See the youtube video below to see how quick and easy I put it together!)

But you can simply tell your guests you spent hours making the perfect cake to close Summer vacations with a flourish!

Let me give you a few Pro-Tips to make this Lemon & Mascarpone cake the most epic dessert you have tasted this Summer!

Pro-Tip #1: Gather all your ingredients before starting to mix!

Pro-tip #2: For best results, use room temp eggs. If you forgot to take them from the refrigerator earlier, leave them in lukewarm water for a few minutes.

Pro-tip #3: SIFT the almond flour before measuring the 2 cups needed. Doesn't matter how "fine" it may look. Believe me on this. This step is vital for a spongier, moister cake!

Pro-tip #4: Grease the pans with coconut oil. It's okay if you don't have parchment paper for the bottom. If that's the case, grease a little bit more.

Pro-tip #5: Combine the lemon juice and almond milk, and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. This is very important! If you're not a fan of almond milk, you can substitute it (1:1) for your favorite.

Pro-tip #6: In case you run out of lemon juice and want to use lemon extract instead, you can do so, but DO NOT add the extract to the milk. You want the milk to curd, so you must add 1 tsp. vinegar to it. The extract can be added when adding the vanilla.

Pro-tip #7: After combining all dry ingredients, set them aside and start working with the wet ingredients. Whisk the eggs and sugar till light-colored and fluffy.

Pro-tip #8: Make sure the coconut oil is not hot when adding it to the eggs.

Pro-tip #9: Do not whisk the dry ingredients in the wet ingredients. For best results, fold them with a spatula.

Pro-tip #10: Make sure you preheated your oven to 350°F. Use an oven thermometer! The right temperature is very important for this cake! If you don't have one, check my favorite!

Pro-tip #11: Do not overbake. After the first 20 minutes, insert a toothpick in the center of one cake. If it comes out clean, turn off the oven. Allow one or two minutes and remove the cakes from the oven. If the toothpick comes out with a sticky mixture, bake for 5 more minutes and repeat the test.

Pro-tip #12: Unmold the cakes on a cooling rack. Allow them to cool to room temp.

Pro-tip #13: If you want to prepare a naked cake, you'll get away preparing just 1/2 the frosting recipe. But if you want to frost it fully with a nice amount of frosting between layers, prepare the whole recipe. (It's okay if you have some left. You can stuff some breakfast crepes with it. Check the crepe recipe here!)

Pro-tip #14: If you want to color your frosting, use gel food coloring.

Pro-tip #15: Cover and refrigerate the frosting for at least one hour.

Pro-tip #16: After assembling and frosting the cake, refrigerate it for a few hours. This will help the frosting to set perfectly.

Pro-tip #17: Decorate how you fancy! I melted some Lilly's white chocolate chips with a tad of coconut oil and drizzled it around the top. Also, I sprinkled some gold dust and placed lemon wedges around the bottom. You can put the frosting in a piping bag with a rosette tip and make some flowers around the top and bottom.

These are my favorite ingredients and materials:

Wilton 6" round cake pans

Almond flour (Sifted)

Coconut flour:

GLUTEN-FREE Baking Powder & Baking Soda

Swerve: Granular & confectioners:

Coconut oil:

Organic Pink Himalayan Salt:

Need some inspiration to prepare this cake:

Check out the YOUTUBE tutorial (the video description is in Spanish, but you have the whole recipe and instructions here!)

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Lots of love,