Strawberry & Champagne Cupcakes

Be the soul of this year’s parties with these fancy and very cute champagne strawberry festive cupcakes. A little tipsy, a little glittery. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Nothing translates romance as good as champagne-soaked strawberries can. People love to search for aphrodisiac foods, especially for Valentine's day. And these yummy cupcakes are just the perfect sexy dessert for a very romantic/kinky/dirty Valentine's Date!

So moist and delicious, these cupcakes made me dream about them for nights! Sweet dreams of cakes, strawberries and cream tasting. A glass of pink champagne on my other hand. Sitting on a picnic blanket near the crystalline waters of my favorite lake. Those were beautiful dreams.

Delicious pleasures like these... with the power to accompany you for days... that's why I love baking so much! Being able to create a treat as fancy as this one -so low on carbs- brings me enormous happiness.

Of course, you can have any type of cupcake you want! You can even have a storebought one. But where's the fun of it? And what about wanting a little more? Do you know how bloated you will feel after a few of those regular cupcakes? Will you be ready for some Valentine's action after this binge eating? I'm sure I will not!