Strawberry & Champagne Cupcakes

Be the soul of this year’s parties with these fancy and very cute champagne strawberry festive cupcakes. A little tipsy, a little glittery. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Nothing translates romance as good as champagne-soaked strawberries can. People love to search for aphrodisiac foods, especially for Valentine's day. And these yummy cupcakes are just the perfect sexy dessert for a very romantic/kinky/dirty Valentine's Date!

So moist and delicious, these cupcakes made me dream about them for nights! Sweet dreams of cakes, strawberries and cream tasting. A glass of pink champagne on my other hand. Sitting on a picnic blanket near the crystalline waters of my favorite lake. Those were beautiful dreams.

Delicious pleasures like these... with the power to accompany you for days... that's why I love baking so much! Being able to create a treat as fancy as this one -so low on carbs- brings me enormous happiness.

Of course, you can have any type of cupcake you want! You can even have a storebought one. But where's the fun of it? And what about wanting a little more? Do you know how bloated you will feel after a few of those regular cupcakes? Will you be ready for some Valentine's action after this binge eating? I'm sure I will not!

This recipe is so perfect you can have a few and still be perfectly capable to shake that booty all night long! I know because I already have a few and I'm happy, energized and ready to get the party started!

Have these babies cold! If you want them ready for Valentine's day (or any day! Any day is fine for cupcakes and celebrations!) bake them the night before. Let them reach room temp and refrigerate in an airtight container.

Pro tip 1: Sift the almond flour before measuring 1 cup. The texture and sponginess of the cupcakes will be just like the real deal non-keto/non-low-carb version.

Pro tip 2: Leave the strawberries soaking in the champagne for a few hours for maximum tipsiness! The more the merrier!

Pro tip 3: For more strawberry flavor, you can add a few extra Tablespoons of mashed strawberries to the batter. Or you can wait until the cupcakes are done and cooled down, make a hole in the middle and stuff them with mashed strawberries combined with a little stevia! Then, frost as directed!

Not into strawberries & champagne? Don't worry!

What about a creme brulee?

Or a delicious and super fancy tiramisu dome?

And, if you are still trying to figure out what to do on Valentine's... Let me help you a little!

Here you have a very naughty Pleasure Menu where the main dish is YOU!

The super fun and sexy Twister!

A XXX Jenga like no other!

Or the super 30 days Sex Challenge!

And don't worry! More Valentine ideas coming! So, don't forget to subscribe to Empowered Curvy for more.

Lots of love,


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