Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Ideas to stay local and enjoy at home without breaking the bank

Less than two weeks and still wondering what can your family do (or afford) for Spring Break...?

I know! I had the same worries a few weeks ago!

Not every family can enjoy the luxury of an all-inclusive vacation in a resort in Cancun or a Mediterranean Cruise. And not everybody wants to take the risk of getting Covid-19 right now.

Take us for example. We are amidst the home-buying process and money needs to be redirected to something terrible but necessary named "Down-payment". The mortgage rates began to rise again and the new properties are scarce.

Of course, we want vacations! But we want our own home more.

So, I started browsing the website, and my favorite spot: Pinterest! Searching for inspiration for awesome stay-cation ideas.

If you're wondering what the heck is a STAY-CA*TION... Let me tell you quickly.

A stay-cation is a vacation where you stay local. The vacation days consist of road-trips and activities to enjoy at home. It's supposed to be fun and memorable, just like an out-of-state vacation, without the high prices and Covid risks!

Returning to Pinterest... I was so excited and desperately in need of ideas. But... The first website I went... it simply discouraged me from my well-intended quest.

One of the blogger moms' ideas was to clean the house as a family activity. (Insert very sad and terrified face here.)

So much fun! Yeah! Cleaning the house on vacations! Sounds like a dream... a very sarcastic dream! And my plan ... which included activities like not even folding clothes... My plan was shattered by this terrible image! That reminded me of my childhood. A free week was the perfect week to wash the windows and screens. And let me tell you something, these houses here in Georgia have like 6 windows and probably 2 screens. Houses in Puerto Rico had like 16 windows and 16 screens. Washing windows was something tedious and stinky and horrible. And still, I miss all those windows. I need a house with plenty of natural light, please!

And just like that... I was lost. I felt all my efforts going down the sewer. All of a sudden, my hopes for a relaxing staycation turned into ashes.

I closed my laptop and retreated to my expresso machine. My body suddenly needed some caffeine. A very strong dose.

What's wrong with people? Or what's wrong with me? My house is always clean despite all the work, and my kids clean their room thoroughly every weekend. Plus, I don't want to die from boredom on Spring Break! And definitely, I don't want to pick a fight for something we are supposed to do as part of the routine.

So, sip after sip, I thought these staycation decisions required a most profound observation. More perspectives. More ideas.

It needed to be addressed by the whole pack!

Intel gathered, my husband and I had a few ideas of what we wanted to do for Spring Break but decided to keep them on hold till after the preapproval was done. Meanwhile, the kids had a lot of things in mind.

I gave the kids the task of writing down 5 things to do -ideas, places, activities- under each one of the following topics:

  • cheap activities $

  • Moderate $$ (but not super expensive) activities

  • at-home activities

  • solo activities

The result was mesmerizing! As you will see, they went head over hills and kept adding and adding to the list, which is good! More options! Some of the ideas were completely unexpected to me! And I will mark (*) them to you!

I hope you can get some ideas from our list! And of course, leave us a comment! What are you going to do this Spring Break? Are you staying local? Are you venturing to a nice place?

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Ideas to stay local and enjoy at home without breaking the bank

Cheap activities for Spring Break

Cheap activities to do on Spring Break (from $0 to $60 total)

  1. Explore new restaurants close to home.

  2. Strawberry picking or any fruit picking farm near you * (Done this before. Seems like a favorite. Or is it because of their awesome strawberry ice cream?)

  3. Flowers field

  4. Picnic at the lake

  5. Play tag

  6. Play hide and seek

  7. Movie marathon

  8. Pizza party

  9. Bowling

  10. Slumber party in the living room

  11. Water-filled balloons fight!

Spring Break 2021: At-home activities

At-home activities to do on Spring Break (from $0 to $60 total)

  1. Baking competition (The most amazing dessert wins. Prize TBA!)

  2. Make a pillow fortress and watch movies with popcorn. Each one should pick a movie.

  3. Watch the new King-Kong vs. Godzilla movie

  4. Never have I ever *** (Suggested by my teen boy. Knowing that we, parents, are not cool at all from a teenager's perspective, this was a WHAT? I'm seriously in!)

  5. Cooking competition (The best spaghetti sauce ever.)

  6. Try to recreate one of the current season's The greatest British Baking Show recipes

  7. Art competition (with nice prizes) **** (Suggested by my daughter, knowing her brother will win us all. Better not bet money here!)

  8. Photoshooting. Strike cool and funny poses. Take pictures and order an online album.

  9. Spa party. Turn your home into a luxurious spa. Make your own face masks (here's my favorite); soak your feet in warm water and enjoy virgin mimosas.

  10. Chop-stick competition. Try eating rice with chopsticks. The first to finish all the food without using a spoon or fork is the winner. The prize? To choose dessert!

  11. Bake cookies. There are tons of easy cookie recipes out there. If you're looking for health benefits that match a great flavor, here are my favorites.

  12. Make cookie + ice cream sandwiches.

  13. Hallway web. With those paper mache rolls we used in the '90s to make birthday decorations, create a spiderweb along your home's hallway. Use tape to secure it to the walls. The trick is to pass in between the spaces without breaking the web. Who manages to pass back and forth without breaking any piece of the web is the Spider Queen or King.

Spring Break 2021: Solo activities

Solo activities to do on Spring Break (from $0 to $60)

  1. Re-decorate their rooms ****** (Being the place where they spend the least of time, this was a big surprise...)

  2. Get a make-over * (Suggested by my 9 y/o girl... Who would have expected this? I bet you're saying: You should have expected it, mom! And you're probably right!)

  3. Dye their hair with random colors * (I should have seen this one coming)

  4. Drawing/ writing/ plotting

  5. Puzzle ****** (Suggested by my 15 y/o teen boy, this was a shock. I'm still hyperventilating. I'll run to the store to buy the biggest puzzle I can find!)

  6. Design a new board game

  7. Perform and record as a Musical Band

  8. Learn how to make a microwavable cake-in-a-mug (check out a great and super easy healthy recipe here)

  9. Play video games (Yeah, we all know they want that.)

Moderate (but not too expensive) activities to do on Spring Break (from $80 to $500 total)

  1. Georgia Aquarium (This one is a little more expensive as a hotel stay is required. We'll be traveling from the Savannah, GA area and the roundtrip drive is 9 hours.)

  2. Dolphin tour

  3. New room decoration *** (But why? They just sleep there! Seriously! They despise spending time in their rooms... And it's very pretty already)

  4. Nicer makeover *** (Can it get better? Seems like a yes!)

  5. Online shopping

  6. Birthday planning

  7. Getting ready for grandparents' upcoming trip

  8. Laser Tag

  9. Wild Animal Safari. This should be really cool! It will be a first for all of us.

There you have it! 40+ incredible ideas to enjoy Spring Break without breaking the bank.

If you're avoiding getting on a plane and traveling to crowded areas, these 40+ ideas are awesome for you and your family!

Travel tip: Traveling during the week is lighter than weekends! So, if you're looking for slow days, Monday to Wednesday are your best options.

Now, what are you planning to do? The most important thing is to take care of yourself and enjoy your Spring Break!

Lots of love,


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