Spaguetti Squash Lasagna from heaven!

Have you started a diet and all you can think of is a delicious lasagna with melted mozzarella cheese?

And what about some marinara sauce to put it all graciously together?

That's exactly what happens to us once we go back on track with our strict keto diet. My kids, hubby and, of course, myself start craving some carbs, cheese...

You name it... we crave it!

Nobody said this journey would be easy, but yet we're doing it, mostly for the health benefits. And if some extra pounds disappear in the attempts, way better!

Crazy diets... I've done that. Those that bring the body to starvation mode, feed you up with only liquids, and better not talk about the diets that deprive me of meat.

I've done them all. Some have given results. Few permanents, apart from the hunger and headaches.

At the beginning of 2020, we as a family made the resolution to try the Keto diet for a few months, and surprisingly we've seen nice results. But from time to time our carb-craver tooth wants some of the Italian dish famously known as lasagna. Mama Mia!

Pinterest once taught me that Spaghetti Squash -the cute yellow vegetable that we tend to ignore when we are on a diet that's carb welcoming (A free eating diet! You know what I mean, right!) - was a decent substitution for pasta.

In an attempt to show my kids that I really wanted pizza!... I mean a healthy lasagna!

Oh my God, how that slipped?

Long story short, I got two cute spaghetti squashes, hard and good-looking yellow (That was a very sexy description for a spaghetti Squash, really?) Cut them open long side, removed the seeds with a spoon, and baked them upside down with a little sea salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, cooked some ground beef, grated some cheese, and puff! Magic!

Of course, it wasn't the real deal, the carb-filled Italian lasagna, but it was very close to it. So close that it belongs to our weekly menu. That good!

The melted cheese, the hot tomato paste with a hint of oregano, and parsley on top made this a very healthy and delicious dish!

I hope you like this recipe!

Make it for a date night without regrets of bloated tummy... Extra points for been so thoughtful!

Buon Appetito, amici!


Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy


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