Signs that you are a #PowerCouple

Some of these things, you wouldn't believe.

A power couple is a union of two accomplished, happy and productive people. You see them every day, on Youtube videos and Instagram. They are so cool that cook together, bake; work-out together. They are this perfect, sexy couple who enjoy each other's company. Great pictures, beautiful poses. These couples are the real deal. And I mean the couples who don't fake it!

Power couples are such inspiration that they trend the internet every day with their charms. These power couples are just a sensation! They even have hashtags. #powercouple #relationhipgoals #couplegoals #supermanwonderwoman and so on. Probably you know a few of those #powercouples. Maybe you follow them on social media or have some of them as family. Maybe it is you two- that power couple everybody likes or envy- and you haven't even realized it yet!

Do you want to know if you're a #powercouple? Let's see how many of the following apply to you as a couple! These are some traits that characterize the most envied couple- the #powercouple.