Signs that you are a #PowerCouple

Some of these things, you wouldn't believe.

A power couple is a union of two accomplished, happy and productive people. You see them every day, on Youtube videos and Instagram. They are so cool that cook together, bake; work-out together. They are this perfect, sexy couple who enjoy each other's company. Great pictures, beautiful poses. These couples are the real deal. And I mean the couples who don't fake it!

Power couples are such inspiration that they trend the internet every day with their charms. These power couples are just a sensation! They even have hashtags. #powercouple #relationhipgoals #couplegoals #supermanwonderwoman and so on. Probably you know a few of those #powercouples. Maybe you follow them on social media or have some of them as family. Maybe it is you two- that power couple everybody likes or envy- and you haven't even realized it yet!

Do you want to know if you're a #powercouple? Let's see how many of the following apply to you as a couple! These are some traits that characterize the most envied couple- the #powercouple.

  • People tend to like the two of you together.

Have you heard: "You're so cute!" "You look so good together!" "I admire your love!" "When is the wedding?"? A lot of people look at the two of you for daily inspiration. You make it easy for other couples to feel hopeful and work a little harder on their relationships. Your love is so palpable that people just want to know what's going on with the two of you that work so well! Such nice role models!

  • You complement one another.

As an individual, you are great, but together you're absolutely awesome. Together you're like coffee and heavy cream. Like caramel on top of creme brulee. A match made directly from God! That's why it's so easy to fall under the spell of your relationship and want to imitate it. At least a little!

  • You're besties, too.

Before been lovebirds, you two knew each other thoroughly. As best friends, you came to understand each other, share your secrets, have each other's backs. To achieve all this, you are deeply immersed in honesty with each other. Some people may say that lovers cannot be friends. And here you are, proving them wrong once again.

  • People tend to hate you two together. (I know! It's hard to believe, but it's true.)

Opposed to those that look at your relationship for guidance, other people simply cannot stand you. Your mere existence and happiness make them sick. That has nothing to do with you. You did nothing wrong. It's just that people hate what they cannot achieve. Your happiness and success make them suffer because they just can't have what you have. Don't be so surprised! We're living in a cruel world -though most of us try to make it a better place. Your happiness won't be well-received everywhere.

  • Secrecy.

As a couple, you're way too good. But like every great couple, you know to keep your secrets protected from everybody outside your walls. You know very well people must not know how long is your kissing session, french kiss or penguin. And less they must know about your real-time nitty-gritty action. One thing is sharing your tips -which you do perfectly fine-, another is showing the real deal.

  • Cheer each other.

You're each other's #1 fan. When a new plan comes to mind, your perfect fan is always there, offering support to help you achieve your goal. Together you're pure power. If the plan just fails, you don't give up. Your #1 fan will never allow it!

  • Enjoy each other's success.

None of you is jealous of your partner's success. On the contrary, you are welcomed to celebrate and enjoy your partner's triumphs. Both respect your individualities and motivate each other to cultivate your personal passions.

  • Your communication is always present.

We get it. You get mad, too. But you always find ways of fixing your differences and appease your anger. As long as all questions end up answered, you'll be a #powercouple forever.

  • You empower each other!

Instead of doing what other couples do, you don't try to suppress your partner's voice. You respect them, motivates them to freely speak and support them. You don't "leash" your partner's freedom of speech because haters tell you they don't like what they're saying!

  • You try all the ways to make each other happy.

In your quest to be a powerful couple, you do everything possible to be happy and to make your partner equally joyous. You take matters into your own hands. Don't expect your partner to always plan the dates. You surprise your partner just because. You are present. You're making your time together count.

  • You know you're not perfect, so embrace the good parts.

Not expecting total perfection from each other is a good thing. Focusing on the good features of each other makes you an indestructible power together. As imperfect individuals, both of you have learned to love the flaws in your relationship and use them to your advantage. There's always a lot to learn!

So, what do you think? Know of some #powercouple who's rockin' their relationship? Is that you? That's wonderful! Keep up the good work!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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