Sexy & Sweet Printable coupons for Valentine's Day (FREE!)

To show your love, you don't need a lot of money. Don't need expensive jewelry or super pricey lingerie. Say "I love you" with something ultra special this year: Sexy and Sweet love coupons! But not any kind of coupon! These coupons! Beautiful, easy to put together and full of love!

Never is too early to start making preparations for Valentine's Day. Besides, it is less than a month away! Today, I want to share with you these beautiful coupons I made for the occasion! It covers all the bases of a relationship: romance, food, thoughtfulness, adventure, quality time, choice, and -of course- sex.

It's that time of the year when birds begin to show up again, dancing and singing pretty love songs. Flowers will begin to bloom soon if the winter hasn't been inclement. In my hometown -Georgia- it has been an easy winter. At least it has been for me because I really love cold weather. Aww! The lovely game of the bees and the flowers will begin- as the grandmas used to say about romance and courtship!

And you, my adorable reader, are not an exception! As a lover of romance, you are here in search of fresh ideas to enhance the spark of your love. Probably most kids are returning to in-person learning and you are granted a little of most-needed privacy. You should take advantage of it! And I know you will!

If you are short of time or maybe cash, this Valentine's gift will deliver what you thought only a diamond ring could... your endless love and passion. Nothing says "I love you" as straight and clear as giving your partner time of quality and wonderful experiences together.

This is a Valentine's Day gift very easy to put together. I made sure you just have to print, cut, staple and give!

You'll need very little things. Most of the things... you have them around the house. Coffee. Food. Ice Cream. And the most important ingredient of all: yourself!

The coupon book comes with a beautiful cover, 23 great experiences and 6 blank coupons to write your special offering. You can simply discard some if -let's say- giving massages isn't your thing or your partner's. Don't worry! You have plenty of wonderful things to give.

Aren't they cute? Here you have your printables!

Empowered Curvy'sValentine coupons
Download PDF • 721KB

Here are some more ideas for Valentine's:

A very dirty Twister.

Maybe this XXX rated Jenga!

A sinful 30 days sex Challenge for couples!

Or maybe a delicious dessert:

Tiramisu domes

A refreshing coconut cheesecake!

Or perhaps a tempting Kahlua Creme Brulee!

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Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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