Sarcastic lessons from Covid times (That we will probably laugh about in the future.)

Sarcastic lessons from Covid times. Covid-19. Looking for things to laugh during pandemic.

Time has hit us hard. Life hasn't behaved better. Certainly, we can say we have learned plenty of new things. Some we remember with love, some with regrets. Our acceptance over this time of crisis has been one of the stages. Fear. Stress. Adaptation. Oppression. Depression.

And it's perfectly normal to feel frustrated, depressed, anxious, angry, even neglect. So, what? It's a time of crisis. We are humans. We are allowed to have emotions.

Truth is, Covid isn't something to joke about. But we all need something to laugh about, especially during a crisis. A good laugh has the power to pull us out of a dark place. And being honest, sometimes we prefer a good laugh over a deep cry. These days, we can find the comical at the most random things, people, or places.

It might sound like a joke, but Covid really forced us to reach another level. Here are a few funny and sarcastic things we were forced to accept during Covid.