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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

(How is it going so far...) Drum roll!!!!!

30 days Health Improving Challenge Week 1:

So, I survived the first 7 days of this 30 days health improving challenge! Hurray! This week I've been doing a 16/8 fasting and is been rough. But after I stepped in the scale this morning, I was very VERY pleased! I've been feeling less bloated and better in general. Allow me to be honest: I thought that by the end of this week I would be famished, but I'm feeling great actually.

Dieting is one of the hardest things to do. Not because it causes physical suffering (I mean you get hungry! That hurts, right?) But because is a very psychological thing. The more you think about your stomach's lioness-like noises, the more you complain about dieting.

Stop thinking about it, is probably the best thing to do. Of course, I have cravings. Who wouldn't? But I have been faithful to my goal and this morning I'm celebrating the results.

Yes, Elsa. You are probably right. We better let those noises go!

(Don't let them in, don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be. Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know...)- Disney's Frozen- Let it Go.

So... Are you ready to know how this week went?

Drum rolls, please!

Thank you. Thank you very much! You are all so sweet! I'll cheer for you too!

Ladies and Gentlemen! (Bruce Buffer's voice here please!) After only 7 days of fasting and strict eating, Mrs. Rojas, the Empowered Curvy, have managed to lose 6.2 pounds!

Thanks for Mr. Buffer's voice. Now back to mine!

Not just that! I checked my blood pressure and heck yeah! Is going down, babes! Almost two weeks ago, my doctor looked at me like if I was candidate for heart attack coming soon with something like 149/95 as my blood pressure. So, this morning, I saw a beautiful 130/82! What? Yes! That!

So, If I got your attention now, I'll tell you exactly what I've been doing to make this work! And also, I'll tell you what I ate this week!

*I weight my meats before cooking, and trim all the visible fats.

*As the hungriness is unavoidable, I have black coffee and teas through the day. Tazo passion is my favorite of all. And lots of water.

*From time to time, I have 1-2 tbsp. lemon juice in my water for a nice refreshing lemonade. Maybe make a slushy with it!

*You can only have strawberries, orange, apple or grapefruits.

*Of course, no carbs, sodas, liquor is allowed during these 30 days. (I know. I'm missing my Tequila Rose on the rocks too!)

*Only very lean meats for these 30 days. The next phase, we'll have some fun adding more meats.

*The supplements I use are to be administered three times a day, 30 minutes before meals, 10 drops under the tongue each time. I use the diet drops first, fifteen minutes later the same procedure for the keto drops.

*The 16/8 fasting is great because I eat all my foods in the 8-hour window, helping me feel fuller. After the 8 hours had passed, I only have water. Lots of it.

*You should drink half your weight in water oz. For example, my weight today is 150.2/2=75.1/16.9(oz in bottle of water)=4.45 bottles of water a day. At least. Now that I make this equation, I drink water for a body of 270 pounds... I don't mind. Is too hot in here! Or is it me? Never mind! Water is good! And your body needs to be hydrated, because the first weight that you lose is mostly water weight.

My weekly journal

07/21/2020 Loading Day. Morning weight was 156.4.

07/22/2020 Last loading Day.

Phase 2 Day 1: Morning weight 158.4 *Note how I only gained 2 pounds for this loading. I was a good girl and only ate fats, proteins and my keto ice cream. No carbs because that makes me gain A LOT and I notice I get hungry faster.

07/23/2020 First day hybrid diet system. Guinea pig mode on! My food today consisted on 4 cups of black coffee with stevia. 

4:30 am: My morning coffee had 1 oz natural almond milk.

11:00 am: 2 egg whites made into an omelet with spinach. 

2:00 pm: 4 oz chicken breast with ½ roma tomato made into a delicious chicken chili. (I add some liquid amino, garlic, onion, chili powder and a hint of cayenne pepper)

Phase 2 Day 2: Morning weight 155.8

24 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 4 small strawberries

2:00 pm: 4oz flank steak with ½ red onion

6:00 pm: 4oz flank steak with ½ red onion (yeah, I was lazy and cooked both servings at once. Also, steak is delicious, so why not?)

7:00 pm: lemon slushy! -2 tbsp 100% lemon/lime juice, 1 cup of ice, 2 oz water, stevia (You know, to help when the rest of the family gather around you eating actual ice cream...)

Phase 2 Day 3: Morning weight 153.4

24 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 2 egg whites/ 1 cup lettuce

2:30 pm: 4 oz lean ground beef 93/7, ½ roma tomato

Phase 2 Day 4: Morning weight 153.4 (As you noticed, no losses. That’s because I stayed way under the protein amount. When using egg as protein, let's have 1 egg + 3 whites)

24 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 4 oz canned tuna drained/1 cup lettuce

2:00 pm: 4 oz chicken breast broiled/1 cup lettuce

5:00 pm: 4 strawberries

Phase 2 Day 5: Morning weight 152.2

24 oz black coffee with stevia

2:00 pm: 4 oz Angus loin t bone (all visible fat removed)/ ½ red onion sautéed

4:00 pm: 1 egg + 3 whites/ ½ roma tomato

6:00 pm: 1 small red grapefruit

Phase 2 Day 6: Morning weight 151.2 

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 1 small red grapefruit

1:00 pm: Chicken chili. 4 oz chicken breast and 1 roma tomato chopped. Added 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp. liquid Amino Bragg's, 1tbsp. onion, garlic, chili powder. 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper. Sea salt and pepper to your liking. 1 stevia packet.

4:00 pm: 4 oz. chicken breast- grilled/ 1 cup fresh spinach

Phase 2 Day 7: Morning weight 150.2 

20 oz black coffee with stevia

10:00 am: 1 small red grapefruit

2:00 pm: 4 oz white fish stew (Made with 1 roma tomato crushed)

4:00 pm: "Dirty Rice" 4 oz lean ground beef/ 2 cups "angel hair" cabbage, water, garlic and chili powder, minced onion, 1 tbsp Sazonador Total (Complete seasoning- no sugar added, low sodium) 1/2 tbsp. Frank's hot sauce original.

Sample menu!

As you can see, is a very strict regimen. But doable! Let's just think as one month to see our goal closer. Just thinking on the Wedding Dress that waits for me after this month is gone... I'm not gonna stop! I can't and won't.

Next we'll see how week 2 is going!

Let me know what you think!



Empowered Curvy

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