Quarantine Date Nights

If you've been with your partner for a long time now, you know how crucial is to have time alone. Work, school, kids, and the daily responsibilities can lead us to focus on everything else and give little or nothing importance to your partner.

Sometimes we tend to think our partner have to understand... that everything goes first, even before our marriage. Of course, there are things that require to be taken care first. Of course, sexy time cannot go above going to work (because we depend on work to earn money to pay the house and cover the utility bills), or giving the kids their prescribed medications right on time (that's pretty obvious, so explanation not required).

And although it doesn't seem to be the most important thing, our happiness as a couple has a decisive role in the development of our family. If we are a happy couple, we share and try our best to make our partner happy and pleased, we will convey good feelings to our kids and our family in general.

Making the time to be relaxed, together, without having to manage problems and responsibilities, is in fact a priority. A partner is like a garden. If you expect it to bloom by itself without nourishing it, you're aiming to disappointment. Nothing good comes from an abandoned garden, just vermin and bad weeds.

If, on the contrary, you take care of your garden, nurturing it, cleaning the way, planting good seeds, watering it consistently, you'll receive a precious paradise where you can rest and breathe.

Dates -been sunny dates or date nights- are those vitamins and water your partner's heart need to be your own special sacred place.

* Bake night -Pick an easy recipe like this delicious and easy homemade brownies

* Sexy Jenga Date Night https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/x-rated-jenga-really-so-x

* Netflix and Chill - Of course by chill I mean whatever happens during or after the movie

* "Reservation" Dinner- choose your restaurant and try to recreate that dish you both like the most. Fix a small table outside and have dinner under the moonlight.

* Lake brunch- wake up early, prepare your foods, put it all in a basket and go to the nearest lake or park. You can even do this with the kids.

* You can start a 30 days kinky challenge https://www.empoweredcurvy.com/post/30-days-kinky-challenge-for-couples * Questionaire of love. Write down some great questions and just talk.

* Spa. Only sexy massages allowed.

* Order food. Whatever. Just chill.

* Make a plan for a romantic vacation when quarantine is finally over. A honeymoon, a quick escapade,...

* Workout together.

* Sex! Of course. Why not?

* Watch the fights. Any fight!

* Get in the car together and just drive. Like when the two of you were starting to know each other. No amount of sun was hot enough by then!

Don't limit your creativity here. Everything counts. Now more than ever. With the amount of couples fighting and separating because they didn't learn how to be together, give thanks for the gift of date nights and get to know and love your partner better every day!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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