Pleasure "menu" for a dirty Valentine's night!


Hello, empowered divas!

I know you must be looking for a way to make this Valentine's Day a memorable one! And I'm glad you are! That means you're very committed to showing your man your neverending love and passion. You're his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he knows it!

That's right, babe! You're such a powerful woman! Your strength is unmeasurable! Your soul is radiant as a sun! You deserve to be chosen by your man every single day!

But, just as you want your husband to give the extra mile for you, your man also needs a reminder of why you're his dream come true. Valentine's Day is the perfect moment to take matters into your own hands and teach your guy why you're the One & Only! (Of course you can do this anytime, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so... Why not going extra special?)

For this Valentine's, we should Go Big or Go Home! Wait... what? What does it mean? Well, it means we'll give our men one hell of Special Treatment to remind him who's the boss of that heart of his!

I hope you're ready to let your inner sexy beast flow wildly for this very kinky Valentine's treat!

On your marks... Grab your props... Shake that butt... Go!

Pleasure Menu for a dirty Valentine's Night:

The Special Treatment:

This "Special Treatment" is an all-inclusive package that has all your man could dream of!

Divided into the 4 experiences most wanted by men, (according to statistics of men's most searched porn categories for the past years), your man will be served with one hell of a gift! Because let's be honest... ask your man what gift he prefers and he'll always say Blowjob (if full honesty is allowed!).

How it works:

At the end of this post, you'll find a printable card with four experiences. Also, there are six props your man can choose from if you're willing to go with it. The only thing is... he must not repeat them until the very last round.

Your man must choose one experience at a time. There are two experiences available, which -after been fulfilled- unlock another two. He cannot skip a category trying to unlock the last two.

You can divide this gift into 4 weeks or perform it all in Valentine's week.

What's in the Menu?

The Porn Star Experience:

To begin, you'll show him the Porn Star he married to and who's perfectly camouflaged as a decent and proper daytime lady and mom. For this, you'll treat him with a very creative sexual buffet.

  • Think of something as The Client List. Invite him to his own personal massage with a happy ending.

  • Give him a striptease he'll never forget.

  • Be the MILF of his fantasies (after all you're the mom of his kids, so... One thing leads to the other!)

  • Touch yourself madly and make him watch without touching. Upgrade the game by pleasuring yourself right in front of a big mirror and invite him to join when you're ready to go!

After he enjoyed the best of his personal Porn Star, then he must survive...

The Dominatrix Experience:

He'll also need to get a taste of the Dominatrix in you! Make this one count! Exploit your husband's most wicked fantasies and make all his kinky dreams come true. Isn't he afraid of being blindfolded? He's not used to relinquishing control?

  • Wear some leather, sexy stockings.

  • Have a whip or handcuffs on hand.

  • Blindfold him!

  • Give him sexy instructions. Men like to be ordered around during sex, but they are too prideful to say it. Be careful. There's a fine line between what's sexy and what will scare your man.

  • Double action. Buy a fleshlight and work him down there while queening! (You know what I mean, right?)

  • Give him a safe word to use only if he's so uncomfortable he wants you to stop.

If he managed to survive these two experiences, he deserves some sweet visual treatment.

The Girlfriend Experience:

What those young #babes from the movies have in common? If you take a closer look, you'll notice they are intended to look way younger than they really are. Plus, they dress just like we did when we were 16.

It is no surprise that men like to watch younger women in porn. While men get older, looking at a woman who appears to be younger reminds them of their most virile years, how sexual they felt, how stiff were their erections. You have the power to make your man feel like he's 18 again!

To give your man the best Girlfriend experience ever, you need to mentally go back to your teen years. Remember how short you wanted to wear that skirt? The sexy uniform you wanted to wear and your mom kept you grounded forever? And what about the buttons of your shirt? How many you unbuttoned when arriving at school? You were so sassy and fresh and full of life. You were a Queen in a place full of princesses.

Try and recreate that! Wear one of those sexy plaid suspender mini dresses with a white shirt. Buy a uniform skirt and wear some white panties underneath. Fix your hair in two braids or a ponytail and wear a bow. Paint your lips with bright pink or add a little more blush to your cheeks.

Play the innocent Lolita with him! Tell him you're new to this and need his gentleness. He'll love to guide you to the best sex of your "young" life!

To give the right closure to your man's marvelous experience, you'll give:

The Reverse Cowgirl Experience:

There's something about this position men love so much! What would that be? I guess it's because he can see the side of you that's usually against the bed. Men love to grab booty. Spank booty. Admire booty! There's no way of denying it.

As a fun fact: 39% of women despise reverse cowgirl. But men love it! They just want you to go wild. Here's why:

  • Men know women are in total control while in this position. That's the only way a man will accept to surrender.

  • For a man, the best part of a reverse cowgirl is to lay back, enjoy the show and let you take control of him.

  • It's a wonderful routine-breaker. And nothing bores a man as routine.

So, dress in a thong, or buy one of those crotchless lingeries. Put some erotic music and push him back to the bed. Caress him, tease him, and jump on him. After he's all excited and surprised, dismount him and give him the show of his life. Drip some lube on his package and show him all your backside. Turn your face and give him the sexiest look while whispering: Happy Valentine's, Babe!

Last thoughts:

This is a very thoughtful gift and incredibly inexpensive. Perfect for reconnecting with your SO! Let that sexy diva take control of the situation and have your man daydreaming about you!

***Here's this beautiful printable Pleasure "menu". Print it and gift it to your man!***

Pleasure menu
Download PDF • 191KB

Have a dirty Valentine's night!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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