On the way to break-up Island

Because love sucks and fairytales never last forever.

There comes a moment in a woman’s life in which she must face the ugly truth: life sucks. Love sucks. Men suck.

It’s very hard to live a happy life with a great relationship when your guy is only giving you 50% of his love capacity. There’s no possible way for love to grow when it’s been feed with half of what’s required to meet its needs.

That’s why it sucks. Your guy is probably happy with all he receives. Who wouldn’t?  Who would blame him for taking what’s so voluntarily given? He doesn’t cook, don’t clean, don’t do the budgeting or grocery shopping, … Doesn’t even have the capacity to wake up on his own every morning.

This guy needs to be served in order to function. And his poor lady puts up with all his bullshit and nagging just because of love.

Because of love we are silently forced to change. We are forced to work harder and yet we are reduced to a body that needs to act and dress according to this guy. Still, you find out you’re not enough. You can dress like Barbie for him. Put on the tightest jeans, the blouse with the most boob display. Do your makeup, fix your hair nicely just for him. An okay look is all you’ll get from him. The blouse looks pretty. That’s all he says. And just like that... interest is gone!  You did your best trying to get one of his nasty-intention looks and probably ended receiving a hug. Yay... A hug...

Where his interest went? What happened?

Nothing happened. He just went back to think of porn and cam girls and how to make you do what he wants, exactly when he wants. Not because you aren’t pretty. Not because you’re not enough. Is just because he’s a fucking pig.

Deep in a relationship, what men do to look awesome for us? Nothing! They dress when they decide. Mostly when going out. Hanging out in pj’s days and nights.

Do guys dress to impress his girl at home? Of course not! Then, why they expect it from us?

As the relationship struggles, ladies get the signs even from two planet’s distance.

Here are some signs that your relationship is heading towards break-up island:

(Tip: This island is definitely not in Abu-Dhabi)

  • Guilty eyes

I’ve heard that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. For a lying secret-keeper bastard, his guilty eyes are the reflection of the reaper. When a guy acts against your relationship, his eyes will always display the blame. No matter how hard he tries to hide it.

  • I’ve missed you so much

Suddenly he misses you so much every day... Even though you two talk frequently over the phone daily, see each other every morning, sleep together...

What he’s actually trying to say is he’s “Missing” you. As of “missing” definition: fail to notice, hear, or understand. Avoid; escape.

  • When his justification is to blame you

I’m a proud sponsor of truth and karma. Truth can be hurtful, but worse is a lie. When your guy says: “I didn’t say anything because I knew you’d be angry” he’s just justifying his lie by blaming you.

He had already decided that if you were to get mad anyway, he better lie. When you lost your right to be mad? When he decided that his secrets, lies and broken promises were far more important than you... That’s when you lost it all.

  • You’re the only one planning the romance

He used to take you out just because and it doesn’t happen anymore... Do you remember the exact moment he stopped caring? Think hard. You’ll probably find the answer to your questions and almost sure you'll find the face of your problems.

  • He’s become too insistent of sealing the deal

A year ago, he would just say bye-bye and continue his path on his own. As your suspicions on this guy grow, his sudden interest to set a date, get married, increase. Weird, right? Seems like he found the pot of gold on both sides of the rainbow. You keep him alive, clean, belly full. The other side of the rainbow has boobs and booty and is not afraid to show it online.

  • Mysterious connections

As good detective as you are, you must have discovered how –by weird mystery- his play store, chrome, internet search or email accounts disconnect after he leaves home and connects back before he returns. What a mystery, Scooby-Doo!

  • His details are almost non-existent

Your guy used to write you poems, send you cute messages, bring you flowers, take you out, flirt with you. Maybe he sent all those things to the wrong address- by accident.

  • He’s always tired

Always canceling plans to go out because he’s tired? Been tired is something normal in working people but, how many weekends have you postponed that crazy road trip? Got into the car and he's desperate to return home? I bet he’s been tired for a while. Tired of you.

  • The sex has changed drastically

You two were a sex machine together? Now, he just insinuates sex on Mondays? Isn’t it weird? He was this hyperactive sex bunny, always rubbing his junk in your booty, cornering you in the kitchen, telling you all the dirty things he wanted to do to you? What has changed?

  • He says hurtful things and didn’t even notice your pain

Your guy starts talking and suddenly his tone isn’t normal, and you feel he’s talking to a total stranger, trying to impress with basic knowledge of things that are obvious to you? Probably, that’s exactly what he’s doing. Acting to impress someone who’s not around right now but will.

Did he just say you’re eating too much? Did he wait 24 hours to say it was just a joke? Believe me, the ugliest of truths sound less mean when joking.

  • He hurt your feelings and just go to sleep

He knows your anger will not dissipate over time. It will just grow stronger and meaner with every passing hour. If after hurting your feelings he leaves you feeling like you’re alone, is because you are alone. He is already detached from you emotionally.

  • He starts receiving lots of dating emails from girls living in the same town

Despite most of those emails may be spam, is kind of curious that suddenly those emails change from Russian beauties to single ladies in your backyard. Link this to the connect and disconnect of accounts, and we have another mystery, Sherlock! 

There you have it! A few things we women notice when our relationship got a ticket to nowhere with a stop in deception-land.

Take care of your lady. Sharks out there are always vigilant for your food!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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