New Young Adult Book Coming Soon to Pre-order

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The last two years had been of chaos in our lives. Moving to another state, hurricanes, months without electricity... All those bad experiences are now just a vague memory for us. Before all that mayhem, I wrote and wrote, as this is my passion.

Long time ago, I wanted to create a webpage to share my experiences and to learn from yours, but life had other plans for me at that time.

Today, I sit here happy to present my new young adult novel: INKED! Is the first part of THE INK KEEPERS trilogy.

This makes me very nostalgic! I remember my first book. A spanish poetry book named SOLO POESIA (maybe someday I'll share it with you here). It was a homemade project in which I did all the process. I edited, typed, even printed, cut, designed the book cover and also did the binding. What a thing to do! I was so young but very determined to be a writer. By that time, a few "publishing houses" were still working on Puerto Rico. I went by one, wanting to get a deal to publish my work. I was like 13 by then and already had won a lot of recognitions for my poetry. I'll always remember when the owner of the "publishing house" told me poetry was actually kids' work.

Frustrated, I wanted to punch the guy... Nah, scratch that! I was frustrated. But eventually, I took the matter in own hands and did all the hard work on my own.