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The last two years had been of chaos in our lives. Moving to another state, hurricanes, months without electricity... All those bad experiences are now just a vague memory for us. Before all that mayhem, I wrote and wrote, as this is my passion.

Long time ago, I wanted to create a webpage to share my experiences and to learn from yours, but life had other plans for me at that time.

Today, I sit here happy to present my new young adult novel: INKED! Is the first part of THE INK KEEPERS trilogy.

This makes me very nostalgic! I remember my first book. A spanish poetry book named SOLO POESIA (maybe someday I'll share it with you here). It was a homemade project in which I did all the process. I edited, typed, even printed, cut, designed the book cover and also did the binding. What a thing to do! I was so young but very determined to be a writer. By that time, a few "publishing houses" were still working on Puerto Rico. I went by one, wanting to get a deal to publish my work. I was like 13 by then and already had won a lot of recognitions for my poetry. I'll always remember when the owner of the "publishing house" told me poetry was actually kids' work.

Frustrated, I wanted to punch the guy... Nah, scratch that! I was frustrated. But eventually, I took the matter in own hands and did all the hard work on my own.

While I grew up, I fell into account that this so-called "publishing house" was nothing but a mere printing press to make photocopies and thesis bindings.

See how people tries to make your work look unimportant? Because they don't work what you need, or simply because that's not their forte, that doesn't define your work.

These last years has been of great learning to me and today I celebrate it with the release of the cover of my new book: Inked! I love every single thing of it! Every color, the shades of the light sneaking between autumn leaves, the girl's flowing dress.

I hope you enjoy reading this novel! Is a fairy tale twist full of fantasy and reality. Have you ever consider what will happen if Peter Pan meets Inkheart meets Labyrinth? I guess you'll have to read INKED to find that out!

"A girl who despises fairy tales. A boy living a fantasy world. Bad match for the first heartbreak.​
Forget everything you know about the boy who never grew old. Mackenzie Kensington has been living under an un-aging spell for so long he just wants to grow old and die. Tricked by a Wizard, Mackenzie travels to human world looking for some unusual artifacts - a heart, a soul, a kiss and the Ink - to break his un-aging spell.​
With a forced birthday party and the new boy she has to tutor in school, this week promises a lot more fantasy than what aspiring journalist Kyra Marin can bear. Her boring life turns into a dangerous fairy tale when her father sends her to a land of fantasy. A Graphylux and a handmade book dedicated to her will lead Kyra to discover her past and the reasons behind her mother’s abandonment.​
Inked, the first part of The Ink Keeper, a Young adult fairy tale twist, hides a curse that will force Kyra and Mackenzie to reconsider what they are really made of.​"

Pre-order here!



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