Kahlua Creme Brûlèe recipe

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How's the diet going so far?

That's kind of a cruel question... Especially this year 2020. And considering the #foodporn picture above... and below... the question about "diet" is a punishment.

But who cares, right! Right?

We have tried to survive the sufferings of 2020 so far, and there are less than 80 days left to welcome 2021. Let's just hope it comes with a better mood!

But talking about diet... Who wants dessert?

I am a firm believer that there's no need for an excuse to have dessert. But if you need one reason, what about: You're alive! No reason is bigger and meaningful than that!

When I'm trying to be faithful to my healthy lifestyle -which I mostly manage to do- dessert is always reclaiming my attention. I am a dessert person. And a coffee person. Ok, you're right... I'm a dessert with coffee person!

I've learned something difficult in this life, the patience to remaster a dessert and make it taste like the original version without sacrificing my way of eating. I know firsthand what happens when the wrong kind of dessert gathers up in the wrong places of the body (You can see my journey to a healthier, fitter me here).

Oh! Creme brûlèe! See that nice crack on top? Glorious!

This French delicacy is an irresistible temptation. No matter the flavor chosen for this creamy dessert, a creme brûlèe is always the perfect choice for anything.

Are you sad? You'll feel better cracking the sugary top with the back of a spoon.

Feeling Christmas-y already? A rich and decadent chocolate hazelnut creme brûlèe is what the doctor ordered!

Feeling sassy? A tequila rose creme brûlèe is for you!

Feeling like celebrating? Then you're up for a real treat with my Homemade Kahlua Creme brûlèe. Check out my recipe for Homemade "Kahlua" here. Of course, you can use the original, but there's no fun in doing a healthy dessert and add a flavor that's packed with the wrong kind of sugars.

Don't let its fanciness fool you! This creme brûlèe is very easy to do. Just whisk the yolks with the sugar (save the whites for an omelet!), heat the cream and flavor. Incorporate both. Bake in a water bath until the center is still jiggly and let it cool.

The only thing you'll need for a classic real-time creme brûlèe is a kitchen torch. This is a very inexpensive tool you'll enjoy a lot with. Watching the sugar melt and turn into a crunchy caramel is a fun thing to do. Not as fun as cracking the creme brulee top once the caramel is hard, but still fun.

I cannot think of a better dessert to celebrate the National Dessert Day than with the fanciest, creamiest, and booziest creme brûlèe of all times!

Have fun and enjoy this Dessert!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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