Most delicious crepes ever!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

A French delicacy made the easy way!

Most of you have tasted crepes at least once. If you haven't, you're missing the treat of treats from France. My family and I enjoy having crepes, no matter the time. This is one of those recipes my kids are working on mastering, but I made it so easy, it's almost foolproof. The only mastering you'll need is with the flipping.

Feeling sad? Some crepes can lift my mood! Feeling happy? No better way to celebrate!

These delicacies are thin and flat, kind of like a pancake, only thinner. Whether sweet or savory, crepes are awesome. I love to wake up a Sunday morning with the great idea of having sweet crepes for breakfast. This is my favorite breakfast ever! A hot latte and a pair of these sweet babies...! Oh my, oh my! I get hungry just telling you about it!

Originally made in a special crepe pan, these thin "pancakes" are so good that I just couldn't resist doing it at home. I worked my way to adjust this treat to do easily at home. Why? Well... for starters... how many people you know who actually have a crepe pan at home just because? I don't know of any.