Microwave sandwich bread low-carb/Keto-friendly

One of the things I miss the most in a low carb diet is BREAD! From time to time, I will take a bite or two (or a handful) of delicious bakery bread. As a Latina, bread is almost part of our lifestyle. When I was just a little girl growing in Puerto Rico, breakfast or any other meal was incomplete if the bread was lacking. Nothing was "better" than a great sandwich with bread. But not any bread. Bakery bread. Bread roll. Or how we Boricuas call it: "Pan de bollo" or "Pan de agua".

I came to understand why it was the "best" thing to eat. It is so filling! You can eat some bread and feel full for so long because it is packed with carbs. Don't get me wrong. Bread is awesome and I will indulge with some for my next vacations in Puerto Rico. But for now, I enjoy making new variations of it at home.

Trying to keep my weight under control and maintaining a lifestyle that's healthy is my priority. I need to last at least a hundred more years to take care of my kids (I'm just exaggerating here, but will be nice to be 100 years old and still feel healthy and "young"). But what mom doesn't need the same?

Bread! This one is perfect in its own way. Let me begin by saying how easy it is to put together. Just whisk all ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and voila! I used a round glass bowl for both whisking and microwaving. After two and a half minutes, I had this pretty spongy bread. I flipped it over on a cutting board and sliced it halfway with a bread knife. The first time I made it, I was surprised it didn't crumble.

See how cute and delicious and toasty it looks? Believe me, it is so good. And it is even better for burgers!

In a warm pan or skillet, melt a little amount of butter and toast both slices. This gives the bread a perfect crunch texture outside, but the insides are tender and soft. Just like store-bought bread!

Have it with your favorite sandwich fillings!

For breakfast, I had this delicious bread with mayonnaise, ham, egg and cheese. It was so good and so filling that I will have some more during the week. Next time, I'm gonna switch the sea salt and add some Italian herbs, parsley and parmesan.

What do you think? Are you a bread lover? Tried my recipe already? Leave me a comment!

Lots of love,


Empowered Curvy

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