Melt in your mouth Peanut Butter Cookies

The easiest, most delicious Peanut butter cookies you'll ever have! Low carb/ keto, and less than 40 calories per cookie!

What do you do when cravings attack? I wish I could tell you I go to my freezer and get a pint of ice cream and sit until I finish it all. But I don't.

I love to have some peanuts when snacky, or a heaping spoon of creamy peanut butter. But what I love the most is baking desserts. I love baking cookies. And I bet everybody loves cookies!

Creamy peanut butter is perfect to give your cookies a twist. Especially now that it's fall! The warm flavor of these cookies, enhanced with a pinch of cinnamon, is just perfect. They look crunchy on the outside but in fact, they are so tender that melt in your mouth instantly. That's how good they are!

My daughter is a picky eater. She loves cupcakes, chocolate chips and ice cream. But she's one of those people that you have to deceive to make them eat a new thing.

These cookies were that perfect bait. I made a batch and just sat where my picky daughter could see me. Me, my tray of cookies and a cup of hot coffee! I made a sound of satisfaction and instantly she was by my side with her inquisitive look.

"What are those?" -She asked with curiosity.