Marvelous Cake Truffles

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Today marks the time in which a mom feels she's getting old. The first day of college of her first kid. In my case, today marks the day in which my son starts turning into a young man. He's 15 and today is his first day of college. He's so sweet. Just as this cake truffles.

I remember when he was very little and I taught him how to read and write. I tried to teach him. And while I was aiming to teach him a lot of things, he was teaching me as well. With him, I learned to be a mom. That's not something you just read in a book and you are a master in the topic. Nothing had prepared me for what motherhood would bring. And there I was, overprotective of that little baby God gifted me with. 15 years later, I'm still the fiercest overprotective mom in history, and I don't regret a thing.

Thinking on all things we have done together, how my son has been with me through my darkest times, grabbing my hand, expecting big things from me as a mom, learning together, growling at each other sometimes, but learning patiently and consistently every day, I feel great to see this moment coming.

A mom couldn't be prouder than the day to see her kids growing and choosing the best for their future. Of course, I feel sad to see the moment for him to leave home and start his own adult life coming quickly and almost unnoticed, but I feel great, proud and ready to support him. He will grow. He will be a man. And he will always be my son to cherish and care and protect.