"Love your meats" Bacon Cake

Bacon! The simple mention of this thin piece of fat and protein makes us smile. Bacon and eggs in the morning. Waffles and bacon. Bacon with bacon. There's a problem? Probably bacon is part of the answer.

I love bacon. We all love bacon.

Until a few weeks ago, my daughter didn't like the bacon. We used to joke, telling her that's because her palate is like a baby's yet. We used to tell her that bacon is a food just for adults. Her face showed her annoyance. Maybe because she hated our bacon jokes, or for seeing us enjoying it so much while she preferred turkey bacon.

Little did we know that her disgust fro bacon was about to change in a wink. One Saturday morning, we made blueberry almond flour waffles and -of course you guessed right- bacon. Oven-baked bacon! Oh, so good! I feel so hungry right now... Just because I'm thinking of bacon!

Like the most normal thing, my daughter asked to try a little piece of bacon, again. And then, she kept asking for more. And more.

My son regrets having made fun of her palate, now that he cannot grab her portion of bacon.

See, now everybody loves bacon! The love is so big that morning bacon isn't enough sometimes and we find ourselves daydreaming about bacon for dinner, but not like breakfast bacon. Like a nice dinner bacon.

A lot of years ago, I made this meat cake with some family members. It was a big success. So, I tried to recreate this marvelous and delicious all-meat+Bacon "cake".

Warning: It is so delicious, you'll want more!



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