Letter to Crappy Husbands

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

#crappyhusband #lettertohusbands

Dear crappy husbands everywhere:


I know you complain about this a lot, dear husbands everywhere. I know you feel you're entitled to it just because you paint a beautiful portrait of happiness just with words. I know how secretly you call your wife "controlling" and "manipulative" because she makes too many questions that you don't feel you need to answer. You get exasperated because she keeps nagging with her interrogatory, but you're too self-centered to give her the ugly truth. Deep inside, dear crappy husbands, she knows it, but she's allowing you to open up and you're just blind. You're wasting valuable moments to be sincere with your wife, and little by little you're digging your own grave inside her wounded heart.

Dear crappy husbands, probably you're familiar with your wife's sobbing in the darkness. Maybe you have heard how you hurt her with words that, once argued, you say that wasn't what you meant. You know, dear crappy husbands, words cannot be unsaid once they leave your lips. Even if you try to apologize for your shitty choice of words, their impact cannot be suddenly undone. Your wife cannot unheard or un-suffer the effect of your words.

You can say "without any intention" you don't want to be mocked about your personal life, because she talks about happiness, relationships, or openly talks about sex. But you