Letter for my kids to read in five years!

It is no secret that my kids are the most important thing in my life. But, what mother doesn't think the same? Every one of my decisions is taken with both of them into consideration. Almost everything I do is about them.

I know they are at a very difficult age. Tween and teen years are the worst. I know! I hated both stages of my development. While I was growing I wanted to be an adult. Being an adult, I don't regret wanting to get old enough to make a life of my own.

As they are growing so fast, I can only see our time together slipping from my fingers, like water. It makes me sad, but also happy. Some things we've lived are hard for them to understand but probably their future self -5 years from now- will be old enough to comprehend.

So, What do I want to say to my kids in 5 years?

My sweet little babies:

Time has passed by and both of you are old enough to see the world differently as when you were little kids. The one thing I want you to see the same is my love for both. When you were just an idea in my mind, I loved you. With hope, I received both of you, and my heart bloomed in an incredible way.