45 Lessons to learn in the mid-30s.

Almost 20 years ago we thought to be invincible and then life happened! Lessons learned the hard way!

As I get closer to be the Lady of the four decades (Señora de las cuatro décadas) like Ricardo Arjona's famous song, I become more restless. Life became turbulent mid-twenties through mid-thirties. Plenty of shit happened. But...

With the turmoil, also came clarity.

When I was 20, I thought I had the bull grabbed by the balls, and one day I opened my eyes to the reality that the bull -that said, my life- had run over me a few times with its massive body and stabbed me with its sharp horns too. Metaphorically, I was bleeding to death... Emotional death. The joke was on me, who believed had become invincible when I was merely starting to live.

Then, as a magical gift, the 30s made their most expected appearance. I accepted I was being stupid and everything was revealed to me. No, it wasn't instantly. I didn't discover it all at the glimpse of an eye. But I was finally capable of seeing I was all wrong. I was trying to please the wrong people. I was neglecting myself. And little by little, day by day, I finally understood it wasn't the world's fault. It was my own. I was treated that way because I have given them all the power to crush me.